Art of Touch Tesimonials

Many people have gone out of their way to provide great testimonials about the Art of Touch Workshops at Desire Resorts.

Below are posts taken from the Desire Resort Forums  containing Art of Touch testimonials.

…this post is about the two classes that Richard and Lauren host at Pearl.

Richard and Lauren are a hot couple you will see by the pool on those days. They are both very friendly, open minded and great to chat to with an amazing story about why they are in Mexico. We decided to go to the Lingam massage on Friday, which focuses on the man, and the woman pleasuring the man. The room was full of people and the class began.

Imagine taking the beginnings of a Yoga class where you breath deeply to relax and combine it with Tantra massage that you are guided through for about an hour. Richard and Lauren go around the room and coach as Lauren uses her body and hands. The idea is to gain pleasure in pleasuring and receive pleasure. It is not about sex and do not think that they are going to come around the room and jerk you off. That is not the intent at all. They were amazing, erotic and respectful, always asking before they would touch either partner and never crossing boundaries. I have to say it was one of the best experiences we have had at a Desire Resort.

We are back at RM in December and want to pop over to Pearl just for the female class!

… the intent was connection with your partner, not sex with a group. So I say go and do it with an open mind. The release at the end is worth the hour of being erotically touched. My partner and I learned new ways to pleasure that we had not considered before.

Last thing is that they work for tips. Richard and Lauren are NOT employees and only make money on what you give them. So don’t be cheap. This is better than any massage you will get anywhere and should tip them very well!. Bring enough cash!

You won’t meet a nicer couple regardless of your position in the lifestyle. They are amazing, and as mentioned before respectful. Best of luck all! See you in December!

Richard and Lauren are wonderful people who put on a great class. It is comfortable, sexy, erotic and safe. Even if you are a very private couple, there are positioned spots to “hide”. No worries about watching or being watched, as the session immediately draws you to your partner. Neither of us even knew anyone else was in the room, well except for R&L, of course. This sexy couple is low-key, not in-your-face, just there to help everyone in the room enjoy their partner. One of their initial comments drew us in … their quiet acknowledgement that they are not “experts” regarding your partner’s body, and certainly not on the mental aspects of your sexuality. They help your explore each other lovingly and erotically, and you will definitely come away with thoughts and ideas you didn’t have before.

Richard and Lauren should become a feature at Pearl. Even if you go to Pearl only to enjoy the pool and hot tub with just your partner, these two “classes” should be included in your trip. We’re hoping they are there in 6 months!

For anyone on the fence or curious, we did this workshop within a few hours of arriving and it was one of our top 3 highlights of the week. We attended the Wednesday “for the ladies” workshop. Hubby has not stopped talking about how hot it was to him to see me pleased and open to the experience. He and the other men seemed to have a little fun at the end as well, fyi. wink wink

If you are new to massages (I was), or new to others touching you (it’s still pretty new to us), please know that despite being sexy as hell, L&R are respectful of your comfort level before all else. You will not be touched or pushed to do anything you don’t want to have happen. It is YOUR experience, your man will be doing the work, you are the goddess and will be able to go at your own pace without feeling any pressure to keep up with anything others may be doing. If you are open to R&L helping your man touch you by demonstrating their touches, then you can do that. I recommend it highly. Their touch was different and my husband learned new things…

We told EVERYONE that night and the next day to GO TO THIS! Heard the next session after ours was much more crowded and hope our glowing reviews, as well as this lady’s GLOW and grin , encouraged others to partake in this opportunity. (For what it’s worth, we were both much more turned on here than in the official erotic spa massage, and WILL be back).

[we appreciate others on the forum explaining that L&R are not employees, rather, they operate on tips, so we had brought our cash in advance. If you forget that part, you can always find them later–don’t stress and ruin the vibe] A quick endorsement and one very similar to others on the forum. Lauren and Richard are fabulous ….. super friendly, beautiful, way sexy, etc.! We had the pleasure of attending one of their workshops last year at Pearl and it sure did not disappoint. Too, we were able to hang around them during the day and spent some time chatting while in the pool and later on the property. Again, they are an amazing couple; a couple that wreaks sensuality and they are all about helping couples connect in new and fabulous ways. We have trips to Desire in March (RM) and June/July (RM and Pearl). We will, very much, look forward to spending some time with them …………. can hardly wait!
Thrilled to know you are still delivering beautiful workshops at Desire, and hope you will be at RM while we are there. We cannot recommend your workshops enough, but have tried, while we were at Pearl. The Yoni is one we have experienced twice, and learned more than we imagined we would each time! We thought we knew each other well, and love learning more. I do hope that Mr Tommer will allow a Lingam (spelling?) session this trip (or next), as that would be a new experience for us. It is good to know that you rely on tips, also, for we wondered if the resort paid you well enough to stay. We will be prepared this trip, because your passion for guiding couples how to love and sensually connect belongs in this passionate environment. Honestly, we need more of your lessons throughout the world! Cheers to you two!
We went to the Art of Touch for the man first, and as a guy, let me tell you it’s an amazing feeling to be the recipient for an entire hour. It was so good that we and another couple booked a private class for the female the next day. All we can say is Wow! If you book private, they have a set fee, but if you attend one of their workshops, please tip well! As mentioned, they work entirely on tips and they are so worth it. What makes it so great? If you are the giver, you get so much pleasure in bringing your partner along in such a sensual way. Please buy into it as you will get so much out of it. Use your body, face, hands, arms… whatever you have to touch your partner all over. It’s not about an orgasm. It’s about giving and receiving pleasure. They teach you the nuances of the touch. They show you things you perhaps haven’t thought about. We have taken some of what we learned there and incorporated it and repeated once home. It’s truly something that she and I will continue to use with other and in truth, has brought us closer. It’s a very sensual, romantic, and sexy learning experience. Please do yourself a favor as a couple and try and go to both classes. I promise you will be happy you did! And remember, please tip them well! They are truly a GREAT couple that is bringing something special to the Desire resorts and the couples that partake in their workshop.
Advice to all….these workshops are INCREDIBLE!! Get there early and don’t let anything stop you from letting this become a true highlight of your Desire experience. Lauren and Richard run a beautiful, tasteful and incredibly sexy workshop. I’m actually writing this review during my last day of our trip to Pearl and I was anxious to give well deserved praise for this unique experience before the ‘afterglow’ fades from our workshop experiences, we did both Yoni and Lingam. We are from New York and I have searched for something like this for years and never found anything even close. Most Yoni/Lingam massage classes that I’ve researched always came across very unprofessional, cheesy and some a bit ‘creepy’. This was the classy, romantic and sensual workshop we’ve been waiting for and it was truly the highlight of our Desire Pearl vacation. Go with an open mind and make some unforgettable memories. ………and L and R run this on gratuities so be appropriately generous and appreciative of their knowledge and efforts. Far lesser quality local courses cost upwards of $500++ so don’t leave ‘bartender/towel boy tips’ for these incredible professionals and ENJOY!