Come Visit Us At Desire!

If you’ve ever thought about taking a clothing optional, adults only vacation, you’ve come to the right place. Our “room” is a great place to discover all that Desire has to offer, all from an insider’s view.

You may have read, we are Lauren and Richard. We sold all of our stuff in Los Angeles and moved to Mexico to do our Art of Touch workshops at Desire Resorts. We’ve been doing the workshops and hanging with the guests for over 2 years now! And we want to share what we’ve experienced with anyone who is curious or on the fence about a trip, or those who have booked already, but have no idea what to expect!

The Resort

There are two resorts here in Riviera Maya, Mexico; Desire Riviera Maya and Desire Riviera Maya Pearl. Both resorts are different for different reasons and we say think of what is important to you on vacation and choose the best fit. Is one older, crazier, more fun, more lifestyle? The truth is that the crowd changes week to week and the opinion of the resort is completely subjective. So reach out to us and let us know what things are important to you and we can guide you to which resort best fits your style.

The Guests

One of the things we have discovered is the uniqueness of the guests that go to Desire. We have met some of the strongest marriages from all over the world. This is a place to connect as a couple which enjoying the company of other hotel guests. Try doing that at any other resort and they might look at you like you have two heads! When you go to a clothing-optional resort, all the guests have at least one thing in common:  The fact that they all like to be naked or partially so! There is a genuine relaxed vibe that comes from the guests and, in turn, also the staff. The way the guests treat the staff at the resorts we see as a true reflection of the caliber of couples that vacation here.

The Workshops

The Art of Touch workshops were created from the point of view of guests for guests. We wanted to create an experience. A place for couples to connect while on vacation where they can focus on nothing but their partner. Whether you are in the lifestyle or just here for the sensual vibe, the Art of Touch creates a safe space for you to experience communication with just touch. For more information, please visit our Workshops page!

Upcoming Events

In addition to our regularly scheduled workshops, we have some special events planned for 2019 and 2020! Email us if you have any questions!


So the word has spread. First time guests are honored with “yellow bands” when they check in, while other guests may have white, gold, pink or black. What is project yellow band? Well we thought that we would offer a specific week where anyone who was anxious about coming to Desire, could come along with other like-minded folks! The first one is scheduled for November 2019 and the second one is in May 2020.