Friends, Newbies, Countrywhores; Lend Me Your Beers

Join us (Bee will be here too) this Saturday night in a safe space where we want to talk about anything and share our useless knowledge to help those shyer couples or those newer to the lifestyle. We need you whores, like us, to come and add your two cents. We just want a place where we can have those lifestyle conversations like we used to have at Desire. It is really one of our favorite parts of what we do and we would love have you stop by.

This is sort of an open house…call it a “virtual jacuzzi” of sorts. But we will have on clothes!

We wanted to do this because after one of our virtual zoom workshops, someone wrote us an email and said they were too shy to join, but wanted to and they were on the newer side of all of this.

We are offering this free to all our Patrons because we believe this is the stuff that’s priceless. We hope you stop by!

The cams will go live at 9pm C / 10pm EST and we will be there for at least an hour, longer if the conversations continue. Come and go as you please. If you know someone who would like to participate, please encourage them to join Patreon. 

Zoom Meeting Invitation to Register 

Stay sexy and healthy

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