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I wrote this story to commemorate the many years my lady and I have spent together. Although there’s a good dose of fiction, it’s designed to pique your curiosity and understanding of the swinger’s lifestyle. There’s something for everyone and, our mantra of “it’s just about sex” spices up an already fantastic relationship. It goes without saying that this story is for adults only. I welcome your comments.


Since the kids have left home Andi and I have gone totally rogue! Couples that join the swinger’s lifestyle have so much more to talk about! And, I love it when talk turns into activity. We have gone well beyond “pure vanilla” enjoying new experiences whenever possible. 

I’d like to tell you about our most recent adventures, the first of which provided first-time checkmarks in the exhibitionist, interracial, swapping, group sex, bisexual and DP categories.

I began the vacation planning many months before our anniversary. We wanted to do something special and something spicy and since it was one of those milestone anniversaries, my thinking went beyond our typical trips to places, like Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, or the Caribbean. We were able to plan on a two-week vacation so we decided that it would be a “no brainer” to go back to Desire Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico for the second of the two weeks of the vacation. Great looking naked bodies at the pool, anything goes at the Jacuzzi after dark and absolutely anything goes in the Sinroom was sure to be the sexual highlight of the vacation. Little did I know that Week #1 in Panama would produce its own fantasy “highlight reel.”

Andi, my gorgeous and sexy wife and I met on the south shore of Long Island. I was just out of college working as a marine biologist at one of the universities on weekdays and as a mate on various charter and open fishing boats out of Captree Boat Basin on the weekends and holidays.

Our paths crossed for the first time on one of the Marine Institute’s research trips. Her older brother who was the Institute’s resident Captain invited her along as a guest. The day was filled helping freshmen students learn how to collect and analyze water samples from the Hudson and East rivers. After finishing the round trip of Manhattan, I found myself piloting the Spindrift back to Freeport through the Narrows and under the Verrazano Bridge. Andi joined me on the bridge and we chatted for a couple of hours. She and I had many shared interests and, so I asked for her telephone number. 

In the months and years that followed that fortuitous trip, beaches, fishing boats, clamming and moonlit cruises were the centerpiece of the recreational activities that didn’t involve the exploration of each other’s bodies. Not long after we met , I proposed to her on a fishing pier one sultry summer night.

So, as I planned the first week of our anniversary trip my romantic and adventurous side kicked in, booking a stay at an all-inclusive luxury fishing lodge in Panama, Central America. I know some of our friend’s thought that was an offbeat choice but we wanted something exotic and European cruises had gotten a bit expensive and would preclude the opportunity to do another week at Desire.

I knew we could escape our day-to-day existence of work followed by more work by visiting a jungle paradise with some of the best inshore and offshore fishing on the planet. Four days of fishing would be broken up with leisure days in which we could go on inland adventures, veg at the infinity pool or spend the entire time in our spacious suite.

As the months turned into weeks and then days before our vacation, the sexual tension between us grew. Our musings about the upcoming theme nights at Desire led to some steamy nights. Pillow talk about threesomes, foursomes and moresomes ignited our passion. 

Andi’s dedication to maintaining her amazing body never wavered. I don’t know how she’s survived Shawn T’s Insanity workouts and Jillian Michael’s Shred routines for years now, but the payoff has been big for her and even bigger for me. She is absolutely ripped and, in the last year has dedicated to creating “buns of steel.” Since beginning her intense workout regimen she’s gone from a size 10 to a size 4. It’s cost her some vavoom up top but the commensurate addition of rippling muscles from head to toe is incredibly sexy. When we play golf at the club guys of all ages turn to check her out and, I know she loves it when the girls ask her what she does to look so good. Fact is, she’s been getting up at five something to work out, five days a week, for a long time.

She grew weary of razor burns and waxing appointments a year or so ago and has completed laser treatments for all hair down under. Now, she’s truly naked from the waist down. Smooth puffy lips accentuate her love bud and frame her luscious pussy; her rear entry, smooth as well, invites intrusion. 

Her breasts are more than a handful with delicious dark brown areolae and nipples. In March she took another big step into naughtiness when she added jeweled barbells piercings through each nip. They drive each of us crazy. 

She’s still the center of my existence; any playing we do is always together and that playing falls under “that’s just sex!” Her sex drive has increased many-fold in the years since the kids left. In fact, she lives for sex. If she’s looking at you, she’s sizing you up! I have to be on my toes to keep up with her!

Our weekends often start on Thursday evenings after a Thunder game or the late news. When she nuzzles up against me rolling her leg and pussy over me, she begins a slow undulating grind designed to stimulate her clit and my stiffening cock under her. Sleep seldom follows, as it’s only a matter of a few minutes before I either roll her on her back to eat her out- pulling multiple orgasms from her or, she slides up over my face holding onto the headboard as I lick and suck her into waves of pleasure that drive her to clamp around my head until she cums as many times as she can handle. 

When she’s on her back begging for something bigger in her pussy than my fingers and tongue, I like to pull her legs way up over her head and split her an inch at a time with my long and thick cock. At that point she’s incredibly wet, welcoming me to slide, oh so deep into her channel, pulling my shaft against her clit as I lean forward moving slowly in and out. She writhes in pleasure until I feel hot juices flood her pussy when it clamps around me. My cock swells further as my release can’t be quelled; I erupt spilling my cum deep within her. 

When we decide on a cowboy ride, which often happens after she sits so pretty on my face, Andi is so wet and ready for penetration that she likes to rock back on her haunches sliding down the entire length of my shaft in one fluid motion. She throws her head back losing all control as my shaft goes from hitting her innermost walls and g spot to sliding at the perfect angle against her clit. I lose it when she adds an extra jolt of electricity by twirling my erect and incredibly sensitive nipples between her thumb and forefinger. That takes me from 60 to 100 mph in seconds.

We’re not in our twenties or even thirties anymore so you’d think we’d just collapse and fall asleep after that but that’s not usually the case. Her body is so abuzz that she wants more, much more. My tongue, fingers and sometimes toys are added to the play taking her to so many orgasms, she’s totally spent.

The days before we headed to Panama and Desire Pearl were a blur. There ‘s always so much work to do before an extended vacation and, based on our two very diverse destinations we had some special needs. We couldn’t forget suntan lotion, sunglasses, deck shoes, bug spray, fishing tackle, GoPro and other camera equipment for the Lodge and the packing for Pearl included thongs, nipple-less bras, condoms, costumes, masks, toys and sheer dresses. 

We agreed that I would be her master during the first half of the trip and she’d be my mistress at Desire. That opened up some interesting possibilities. We aren’t into kink in a BDSM sort of way, although we have tied each other up on occasion and added some light flogging. But, the assigned roles meant we could ask for obedience from each other during our respective reigns. I looked forward to putting her on display while in Panama; in exchange she gained the ability to arrange anything she wanted with whoever she wanted at Desire.

Panama Arrival- Day #1

We left for the airport Friday morning at 6 AM with a long day of travel in front of us. Our conservative “couple next door” persona disappears when we go on an exotic vacation. Andi wore a black halter-top that showed off her pierced nips with snow-white capris that molded to her butt. Under them she wore a pair of her favorite lace crotch less panties. Four-inch sandals completed the ensemble that would swivel heads everywhere we went. I wore a pair of Tommy slacks, commando, of course, with a form fitting Lands End navy tee that accentuated my 6 foot 4 stature and many hours of weight training at the gym.

We flew through Houston arriving in Panama City mid afternoon. That afforded us with nearly three hours of layover time at Tocumen Airport giving us our first taste of Central America. The energy was palpable and everyone looked great to us. We grabbed a couple of bar stools and had some very interesting Panamanian tortillas and our first local beers. As we passed time, people watching I enjoyed the special attention Andi garnered from the young bartender. I know he was fixated on her breasts and just wanted to twirl her piercings between his thumb and forefinger before sucking on them.

At 5 PM we boarded our flight to David, a city in northwestern Panama. We landed just as the sun dipped below the horizon. Two men from the fishing lodge greeted us with cool drinks in hand. They grabbed our luggage and whisked us away. We climbed up into a Sprinter heading for the coast on unpaved roads. An hour later, we boarded a skiff that ferried us to Boca Bravo. From the well-appointed marina, we boarded a really neat mini tramway up through the jungle to the fishing lodge, our home for the next several days.

Two beautiful mestizo women met us with beers and tropical drinks as we exited the quaint tram. On first glance, the lodge appeared to be spectacular in an understated way. It was “one with nature” tucked into the side of a mountain that overlooked the jungle and the blue Pacific. The main building was framed with native wood beams that went floor to vaulted ceiling. The floors were highly polished terrazzo and the walls had native artwork and pictures of fishermen with their trophy fish. A bar with a dozen or so people in lively conversation, occupied about a quarter of the open floor plan. Thee other two open common areas housed the dining area with two massive wood tables and a living room/sitting area with deep plush seating. Nina escorted us through the area toward then through a big set of wooden doors that led outside. She then took us up some warmly lit paths to our private lodge.

Our lodge was spacious and inviting. It had the same look and feel of the main building and was decorated very tastefully. A king bed facing a huge picture window overlooking the jungle with a view of the Pacific down the tramway path was , without question the “wow factor” we were hoping for. 

As soon as we were left to settle in Andi exclaimed,

“Awesome, honey- luxury on a fishing trip, an inviting bed and a porch with a view of the Pacific. This bed looks like the perfect place to lower myself down on your cock.”

“Let’s hope the fishing is as exciting,” I said jokingly. “If the entire staff wasn’t expecting us in ten minutes for supper, I’d tear off your clothes, pin you against that amazing window and take that glorious pussy from behind.” 

As I kissed her deeply, she moaned in agreement. We freshened up and made our way back down to the main building for our first taste of the local cuisine. 

As we walked down the path we got our first glimpse of the property’s prodigious infinity pool and Jacuzzi. It was gorgeous. We took in the swim up bar, the jungle setting and the view of the Pacific as well as the oversized chez lounges that circled the pool. Music was playing and there was an area with a small dance floor that was tucked away from the bar area.

All of the folks at the bar area were guys but in the far corner we noticed a couple sipping what we guessed, were rum and cokes. He was a big guy about our age and HWP wearing a set of cargo shorts with a tee that was poured on to his torso. Although Andi might have been drawn to the guy, my attention went past him to her! She appeared to be stunning- tall, athletic with curves in all of the right places! 

“Hmmm,” I said, “Perhaps there’s more to this place than fishing.”

Although we both took notice of the couple, Andi’s interest went past them all the way to the far end of the pool. Two black men, who looked like they were professional athletes, were lazing on a couple of the lounge chairs. Each was well over six foot six and had chiseled torsos.

Andi’s hand literally went to her mouth when she saw them exclaiming, “I hope they just got here cause I’d sure like to sample their cocks with my mouth and pussy before we leave.”

I snickered and said, “Welcome to paradise, my slut.”

Dinner was delicious but Andi’s pussy turned out to be my dessert. As soon as we entered our lodge, we hit that bed. I moved quickly pulling aside her panties and my fingers and tongue went to work on her very willing and open pussy. Those guys must have made quite an impression because she was beyond ready for action. I nibbled and separated her swollen lips as I inserted two fingers in her steamy wet cavern. I slid a third finger through the resistance at her rosebud and covered her clit with my mouth. She implored me to take the top in the 69 position. It gives her the chance to swallow the length of my cock while I’m on top ravishing her sweet pussy. I worked her sweetness alternating between long licks from bottom to top with sucking and rolling her clit. Within minutes of noisy licking and sucking she was muling and bucking, as her hips thrust upwards off the bed. Her pussy and anus clenched around my fingers and, she came in rapturous waves all over my face.

I slid off of her and positioned myself above her pussy from above. She opened herself to me entwining her arms under each leg. I slid my very engorged crown up and down against her slit and clit driving her crazy with need. When she begged to be filled with it I slid it home. I fucked her slowly and deeply, as she was incredibly sensitive from two orgasms just minutes ago. I kept a steady pace pulling all but the tip of my cock out before driving as deep as possible into her. She gushed two more times as she tightened around me. That was all I could take. My thrusts became irregular just before I grunted in a pleasurable release. We collapsed in each others arms exhausted after a long day of travel a great evening of food and sex and the anticipation of two great weeks to come .

Day #2

They woke us up at 5:00 AM for our first day of fishing!

Andi, as instructed wore her yellow neon one-piece bathing suit under a set of nice tight shorts with a white tee shirt. I bought her that suit about a year ago. Out of the box, she loved it. Cut nicely, it hugs her high on the sides providing a nice view of her buns but its best feature is what I’d describe as its magic fabric. It’s magic because its modest when dry but close to fully transparent when wet. It has a crotch cover but the rest of the suit clings and emphasizes all of her best female attributes. I was hoping I’d see it wet before noon. 

I went commando, only wearing very light colored cargo shorts and a UV protective long sleeve tee. It was likely transparent when wet, as well; I just didn’t think anyone would care very much about that! I did throw a bathing suit in our gig bag.

They served us breakfast at the Lodge and made a custom lunch for us. We walked down to our 38-foot Blackfin with the Captain and his mate. The boat was clean, comfortable and fast. It had any kind of tackle you could ask for. About an hour from the marina we stopped and caught some small bonito for marlin bait. Then, the captain cranked it back to cruising speed heading farther southwest to the Hannibal bank. We arrived at the about 8AM and started a slow troll with the live bait. 

Late June/early July wasn’t the peak season for marlin but we hit the jackpot as we were greeted by a 300+/- black marlin at 11:40. I have been fortunate enough to catch and release three marlin on earlier deep-sea trips, one of about 650 pounds caught off Kona, Hawaii in ’07 so we had agreed that Andi was going to experience the thrill of an acrobatic marlin hookup if we were lucky enough to hook one this trip. It took about 40 minutes but she handled it like a seasoned veteran. We released it after getting some great footage of the fight.

Later in the day, after seeing a number of fish but not enticing any of them to bite, one of the rods took a nosedive giving me the chance to fight and lose a very big marlin. At about 2 PM we headed back to the lodge, agreeing that the only additional fishing we’d do would be if we stumbled upon one of panama’s world-renowned tuna frenzies. 

Remember that neon bathing suit, I described earlier. Well, I did get my wish, as you can’t fight a big marlin in the tropics without getting very sweaty. It was only fair that after the fish was released Andi would receive a celebratory dousing with Gatorade after winning the battle. Actually, we had to settle for a salt-water bath. My cock hardened at the site of her beautiful body on display for all three of us. The captains and mates see a lot of marlin in their years of work but I’ll bet they don’t get to gaze on a semi nude goddess often!

We returned to the marina at 4 PM giving us plenty of time to spend some time at the pool. We were the second boat back so it was still pretty quiet. Andi enjoyed rum and coke and I nurtured un cervesa. The sun was behind some thin clouds providing us with a nice break from the tropical sun and heat and we were able to nap long enough to reenergize.

By 5:30 all of the other boats returned and the area was abuzz with fishing and, some catching stories. We caught one of the only two marlins released but some of the other boats had great luck with tuna weighing from 40 to 100 lbs. Another boat fished along the shore reefs and caught two roosters and a sizeable amberjack.

We met the couple we had seen the night before at the swim-up bar. Chris and Jessica Bond were both from Sydney, Australia and, like us; this was their first trip to Panama. They had a great day catching yellow fin tuna and, although they didn’t catch any trophies they were exhausted, nonetheless after catching several fish. 

Chris was blonde with blue eyes. He had the chiseled features of someone who worked out on a regular basis. He carried very few extra pounds and had a butt that I was sure Andi would admire. He donned a pair of bold blue board shorts and a black tee that stretched nicely over his ripped chest and arms. He sported a bit of stubble, just enough to tickle a girl’s pussy, I thought. His Aussie accent charmed Andi, immediately. As Andi was known to say, “He was easy on the eyes.”

Jessica reminded me of former Olympian, Dara Torres. She was athletic, tall and tan. She also looked like a gym rat as she was tight and had what looked to be C-cups under a tee that said, “Sex Instructor- 1st Lesson Free.” She had that “girl next door” sexiness and warmth about her that gave me butterflies. She didn’t wear any makeup; she didn’t need any as her lips were smooth and silky and her complexion was flawless. Needless to say, I found her very attractive.


The four of us hit it off big time and we agreed to have dinner together later that evening. They warned us, in advance that they would likely turn in very shortly after dinner since they were fighting serious jet lag from coming in the day before after a very long series of flights.

“No worries,” I said.

Andi’s and my expectations for the rest of the stay in Panama changed that evening. We hadn’t expected to meet any other couples at the lodge so meeting a very hot couple that had similar interests and were about our age was a bonus. 

When we met for dinner about 7 PM bathing suits and tees were replaced by sundresses and button down shirts and khakis. There was only one word to describe the ladies- “stunning.” Both of them were baring their tanned shoulders and both of them wore dresses that flowed down over every curve. Breasts were free to move and nipples were often at attention. Each of their butts was sumptuous and although I couldn’t be sure if Jessica was wearing anything underneath, I was reasonably sure she wore a thong, at most. Andi was, of course bare and smooth as silk under her semi sheer dress. 

They got to dinner first. Chris rose from his seat and extended both arms to greet Andi and when he smiled, said, “You look smokin;” she blushed crimson and her nipples hardened to greet him. I wasn’t as bold with Jessica but I did tell her she looked awesome.

We had such a good time. The seafood was amazing, inhibitions were melting away and we conversed like old friends. Andi and I weren’t bummed out that they crashed after supper since they had given us the earlier heads up. We talked about getting together again after fishing the next day and, although there were no overt sexual advances I was confident that a foursome was a distinct possibility.

After they left for bed, Andi and I relaxed under the stars, poolside for nearly an hour before heading back to our lodge. We relaxed, holding each other and enjoyed the sounds of the jungle. We heard everything from tree monkeys to who knows what as we chatted about our fist full day in Central America.

Andi was the first to start the conversation about our new friends. 

She surprised me when she began, “Jessica wants to get in your pants; her nipples perked up whenever you guys made contact. I find her very beautiful; I’ll bet you do, too. I think she wants to compare your cock to Chris’s. I think you’d like to find out if she sucks cock better than I do and I think I might be interested in sliding up between her legs to taste her pussy.” 

“Yikes, ” I said, “You must be in extreme vacation mode. Did you notice that Chris was admiring your piercings and a lot more, all evening? Wait till he slides that Aussie tongue up your slit meeting your delectable clit. How many orgasms do you think you can have on his tongue and cock? Are you as attracted to him as it seemed?”

“Yes,” she offered. “Is that ok? We’re not at Desire yet? Are the rules different?”

“What do you think,” I said. “I’d love to see you with both of them and you know I’m drawn to Jess.”

“Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Tired or not, I’ll bet that they haven’t fallen asleep, yet.”

Day #3

Fishing was incredible. We caught tuna, roosters and a number of jack crevalles. 

We were too busy fighting fish to engage in any fantasies while out there even though I couldn’t take my eyes off my wife; she looked amazing in skinny shorts and a tank top. If I hadn’t been so tired, I’d just “get me some of that!”

We made it back to the dock around 4:30. Both of us grabbed our suits and headed to the pool and bar. I instructed Andi to wear her Tonga suit. It wasn’t quite a thong as it had a thin patch of glittery material that covered some of her cheeks but it turned heads, nonetheless. The two athletes from the other night were already there downing beers and I noted that the taller of the two poked the other in the ribs to alert him to check out the scenery. 

My thoughts, “It just gets better and better.” 

Before the week is over Andi might add a checkmark on her fantasy list next to “fucked by two hung black men at the same time.”

Chris and Jessica wandered over about 5:30. Who cares that they caught a 400+ lb. marlin; that’s not what interested me. Jessica surprised me as modesty was flung to the wind. She looked amazing in a sheer white one-piece suit that was cut very high on the sides and very low in the back. Her boobs were magnificent, perfectly formed with upturned nipples framed by dark areolae. And her butt was round in all the right places. I dreamed of diving into that plump pussy. I just love sheer suits!

Chris licked Andi’s body from head to toes with those deep blue eyes when he sat down across from Andi. Once again he extended her a warm embrace, which made her blush yet again. I extended a similar hug to Jessica and she reciprocated with a gorgeous smile and just a hint of a squeeze of my butt. We had a couple of drinks, each before heading to our rooms to shower and dress for dinner.

The ladies looked stunning, once again. We dined on the porch enjoying the remnants of a colorful sunset over the jungle and our peek at the Pacific. Jess wore a form fitting white maxi dress that clung to her as if it were sewn on her. Andi wore her crochet dress, one of my favorites as it looked great. It already had some spicy memories attached to it from previous evenings. I’m sure Chris wondered just how much she wore beneath it. Chris looked dynamite; wearing dress shorts and a tee that looked like it had been poured onto his torso. I had on linen pants tied at the waist and a salmon Tommy shirt with the top three buttons undone.

Andi smiled and piped in, “You guys clean up great… and you smell so good, too.”

We exchanged stories about just about everything covering kids, jobs, sports our childhoods and most embarrassing moments. They were surprised to hear about our lifestyle vacation at Desire and they had a ton of questions about what went on there. They were the first couple we were ok sharing our adventures with. It wasn’t like we came home from our last vacation bragging to our family and friends that we had enjoyed our first clothing optional fuckfest in Mexico.

I was confident that they might expand their sexuality under the right circumstances. To date, they told us that they had flirted with other couples but none of the four involved pushed the envelope beyond that. They did let on that they had gotten pretty naughty on some of their recent dates offering two men glances at Jessica’s boobs. And, on one occasion Jessica got caught on her knees with her mouth wrapped around Chris’s cock. We hoped that they were interested in the adage, “What happens in Panama stays in Panama!”

After dinner we lounged poolside for a while. It was a moonlit night and the jungle was alive with all kinds of wildlife. The scent of flowers lofted on the breeze as the dinner drinks put all of us in a giddier and looser mood. Earned It by Weeknd from the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey emboldened me and I asked my beautiful wife, Andi if she’d like to dance. She said, sure and we moved to the dance floor, hand in hand.

We swayed to the haunting sexy beat. My hands drifted down to her gorgeous hips and backside; all I could feel was warm smooth skin through the sexy dress and heat from her core. She pulled my head down to her and kissed me deeply. Our tongues danced in circles and my hands were challenged not to just pull her dress over her head and lay her down on one of the chez lounges, just feet away.

Minutes later, my eyes drifted to Jessica and Chris who were moving to the music close by. They were almost as close as we were and the heat they were generating seemed to float up from them. Maybe, the conversation around our adventures was working?

I whispered to Andi, “Are you ready to take this up a notch? I’m going to ask Jessica to dance with me: is that OK?”

“Oh yes, as long as you’re confident that Chris will ask me.”

I ordered another round of drinks. We were all a bit buzzed. Andi and Jessica had been drinking a Panamanian rum cocktail and Chris and I stuck with beers. 

When the server dropped them off, I proposed a toast, “Here’s to the luckiest four people on earth, tonight.”

Chris smiled broadly and echoed my sentiment, “And the evening is just getting started.”

The music moved down tempo and I extended my hand, this time to Jessica, “I’d love to have the honor of this dance with you.”

She rose to her feet with a glowing smile; we made our way to an area that afforded us some room to move.

Chris didn’t waste the opportunity to dance with Andi as he rose, extending his hand.

The music was hot; Chris Isaac’s sultry Wicked Games played through the Bose sound system.

I wanted to pleasure Jessica, taking her to soul splitting heights but since she and Chris had never played before with another couple I proceeded cautiously. I let my hands drift low along her bodice and she reciprocated by putting her hands and arms around my shoulders. I held her on the outside of each hip. When my hands ventured to her butt she slid her hands up to my head and neck. 

I whispered, “You are intoxicatingly beautiful.”

She chuckled back, “That’s what all the blokes say.”

We looked over to see what Chris and Andi were up to. Andi was glued against him and her hands were around his butt and his hands were sliding up and down the sides of her dress, his thumbs brushing against the sides of her breasts.

I whispered, “The music is working its magic on them, too. Is it ok if I kiss you?”

She let out a soft moan, pulling my head down to hers. At first, the kiss was light and a bit tentative but the passion escalated as our tongues explored the deepest recesses of each of our mouths. We were locked together entranced in the music. She felt the heat from my cock against her loins and I guessed that her pussy reacted in like manner.

When I stole a glance towards Chris and Andi, I noted “caution had been thrown to the wind.” She was all over him, hands holding his face against hers as they kissed deeply. His hands were kneading her cheeks through the barely there crochet dress. She ground her core against his straining cock.

The number ended and we headed back to the bar area. Just before we got up to dance, I had ordered a set of “blow job” shots for the ladies and another round of beers for us. I couldn’t help wondering if the bartenders had to look up, in a bar guide how to make the drinks. The Kahlua and Bailey’s with a topping of whipped cream was sure to produce a few laughs when the ladies sucked them down.

As Andi and Jessica prepared to show off their technique I noted that the two black guys from the first evening had their eyes glued on our table. Andi and Jessica were, in fact the only two female guests so it didn’t surprise me that they were earning attention from the guests and staff

The two shots lined up on the table were firsts for Andi and Jessica. The girls slid next to each other sizing up the six-inch high offerings. Both went down on the glasses in unison and threw their heads back doing their best to swallow all of the liquid in one gulp. As a bit of delicious cream escaped their lips they turned to each other and proceeded to clean up each other with their tongues. When that turned into a kiss, Chris and I looked at each other in disbelief! The bulges in our pants grew more prominent.

“So that’s how Americans enjoy their whipped cream and other delights,” Jessica blurted as the two of them enjoyed a fit of laughter.

The four of us turned toward the bar to see the two bartenders and the two black guys clapping, each giving us two thumbs up! 

As has been known to happen, the ladies decided to visit the restroom. Chris and I took that to be a good thing. When they came back, Andi extended her hand to Chris and Jessica did the same to me. Was there more dancing in store? No, they escorted us to our room.

The girls must have covered any ground rules they wanted because when we got to the room, Jess immediately tuned on a playlist off her iPhone and Andi lit the four candles we had brought from home. Then, Jessica extended her hand to Andi and the two of them headed for one of the beds.

Chris and I were stunned with our mouths open but licking our lips as Andi turned Jessica away from her and unzipped her dress. She did that very slowly realizing that her actions were as much for us as it was for them. Jessica stepped out of the dress freeing her sumptuous breasts and revealing her beautifully rounded butt. All that remained was a white thong that was already soaked with her juices. Andi knelt in front of her and with her teeth, removed the thin strip of material. 

Jessica threw back her shoulders, as a moan escaped her lips. Her nipples were rock-hard and they pointed up and out. Her areolae were puffy and flushed with excitement. She was smooth with the exception of a light blonde patch of hair above her pussy and she had a small colorful tattoo in the shape of a butterfly just to the left of her pussy. Her lips covered her moist slit and her pearly clit peeked out above them. 

Jessica lifted Andi from her knees and pulled her dress over her head. She was naked with the exception of her jeweled nipple rings and earrings. Chris was rapt with attention and he broke out into that amazing Aussie smile when I caught his attention! 

Chris and I immediately stripped off our shirts and pants. He walked over to one of the chairs near the bed and began stroking his already engorged cock. I moved to the other chair taking my cock, in hand, as well.

Jessica and Andi tumbled onto the bed exploring each other’s mouths with tongues and fingers. Jessica reached down between her legs collecting some of the juices from her soaked pussy. She offered the fingers to Andi who purred and eagerly sucked them deep in her mouth. Jessica’s butt was in the air at my side of the bed. Her dripping womanhood was in front of me only a foot or two away. I had to restrain myself from reaching out to cup her rounded cheeks but I was not about to disrupt what I was witnessing. Jess knew was keenly aware of the show she provided me. As she broke off her kiss with Andi, she turned toward me, licking her swollen lips and with a kitten-like smile she rotated her bottom in front of me.

Jessica moved down from Andi’s mouth and began flicking the nipple rings that were being held at attention. She covered each breast, roughly sucking and kissing them, twirling her tongue and pulling on the platinum rings. Andi’s hips rose off the bed giving Chris the view of her sopping pussy he craved. Jessica moved farther down Andi’s body nibbling and kissing down to her naval, stopping there to lick and suck some more.

Andi muled, thrusting her hips higher off the mattress as she moaned in intense pleasure. Before long, Jessica made Andi’s pussy the center of attention. She started by licking her slit from her rosebud at the bottom to just short of her engorged, very engorged clit. She separated the pussy lips with the fingers of her left hand and plunged her tongue as deep as she could into Andi’s wanton wet pussy. After inserting one, then two and finally, three fingers into her, she began on her clit. Andi’s amazing clit was very hard and very prominent as she climbed the ladder of excitement. Jessica had it as hard and big as I have ever seen it. And, then she started nibbling and sucking it.

When Jessica worked Andi’s pussy, her upraised butt was down the bed right in front of me. Her essence mixed with the perfume she wore was maddening. My cock was as hard and as big as I’ve ever seen it. But although close to exploding I held back watching Jessica and Andi with awe.

Jessica’s skillful mouth, tongue and fingers took Andi very high within a couple of minutes, the first waves of her orgasm bubbled up from deep inside her. She shook violently all over; her hands flew over her head and she let out a guttural moan that was the sexiest sound I ever heard. She writhed in pleasure as Jessica pinned her mouth against her. Jessica allowed the orgasm to subside just long enough for Andi to relax her hips before pressing her tongue hard against her clit, again. She took her up and over the cliff three times before Jessica moved back up to her mouth, kissing her tenderly. They collapsed in each other’s arms.

Following those few minutes of intimacy it was Andi’s turn to pleasure her newest friend. 

I think Andi knew how much I enjoyed the view Jessica had given me so she engineered a similar pose for Chris as she slid Jessica around ninety degrees. That put Chris facing Andi’s upturned, dripping, swollen and gaping womanhood.

I was faced with Jessica’s head and hair with a beautiful view over her heaving breasts. Andi played with her breasts for a very long time. I think she enjoyed the firmness of Jessica’s nips and her quarter-sized areolae. She eventually moved down to her pussy and started nibbling on each of her nether lips. She slid her tongue on each side of each lip then began eating her first pussy. This was a first for Andi; that knowledge added to the sexual tension I experienced. I reveled in the slurping sounds Andi was making as she sucked and fingered Jessica. 

I slid onto the side of the bed and began caressing Jessica’s face and hair. When I kissed her deeply, her response was intoxicating as she used our kiss to muffle the sounds that were emanating from her core. Her hips began to undulate off the bed in circles. Her hands were everywhere so I took them in my hands and pinned them above her head, making her as vulnerable and open to Andi as possible. She exploded minutes later. Her back arched and she cried out in pleasure. Her pussy spasmed uncontrollably and she flooded the bed with her cum. 

Andi kept her on that edge covering her entire clit and slit with her mouth. She pulled wave after wave of pleasure from Jessica. They were both spent.

Minutes later, I brought everyone some beverages. The ladies got up from the bed, went into the bathroom to, I presume, freshen up. Chris and I moved to the two chairs in the living area with beer bottles in hand. The girls emerged, still naked laughing together.

Each of them walked over to their respective husband and, with a big smile. Jessica spoke first, “Honey, can I fuck Bob?”

At almost the same time, Andi chimed in, “Bob can I suck and fuck Chris?”

Chris, who had been very quiet through the previous hour’s show, answered first, “Bob, enjoy my beautiful wife. And, if it’s ok with you I’d love to ravish your beautiful and sexy wife, Andi.”

I was touched by his emotion and replied, “Chris, I’m honored.”

Chris took Andi to the bed closest to the living area and I took Jess to the bed that the ladies had already christened. 

Jessica and I were made for each other, sexually. She, like Andi was athletic and energetic. I rolled her on her back and made her writhe in pleasure by sliding my tongue along her lips and slit. When I shifted my attention to her clit, I slid my forefinger inside her. She muled high off the bed, arching up and granting me total access to her pussy. I continued to pleasure her with my tongue until it was time to find out if she could handle more. I lifted her high so I could rim her tight hole with my tongue and, as I let her down I slid my index and forefinger into her pussy. I backed off for just a second, asking her if she was ok. Through a passionate haze she nodded with a smile. It was time for the shocker as I slid my pinky past her rim and covered her clit with my mouth. All of that attention to her slit, clit and anus made her crazy, flooding my hands and face. I covered her entire pussy with my mouth and feasted on her juices until, after three waves up and down she collapsed on the bed. 

As whooped as she was, it wasn’t too long before she wanted to pleasure me. She rolled to her knees and began worshipping my body. She began with my feet, caressing them with both hands. Then, she moved slowly up my legs, skipping over my straining cock. Instead, she nuzzled against my chest and took one of my nipples in her mouth while using her other hand to gently squeeze the other. The sounds I made quickly clued her in to just how much she was driving me crazy. 


She moved up to my head and said, “I think it’s time I said thank you by sliding my pussy down on that wonderful cock; what do you think?”

I was as close to speechless as I could be but I managed a, “Please”

She slid down to my waist and knelt on the outside of both of my legs. She put her right hand to her mouth and slid it into her mouth spitting on it. She then encircled my cock with it and stroked the entire length. As she licked my balls from that enticing position with her ass in the air I was ready to explode. She looked amazing. Her toned body and flushed breast and nipples accentuated her femininity and sexuality.

I implored, “Please, please fuck me.”

She growled back, “Ok, big bloke, you’ve earned my pussy”

I responded with a smiling, “Yes.”

She slid higher giving the end of my cock a gentle kiss. She then placed my very purple and swollen head at her opening. I was all hers; she was so beautiful and sexy that I was content to have her take all night on my cock. 

Nope, she wasn’t about subtle! She wanted my cock deep inside her as much as I wanted my cock deep inside her. She slid down the 1st time about one third of my length, rose slowly, oh so slowly until the end of my cock was just inside her and then after putting her arms on my hips just plunged down taking all of my 7+ inches in her swollen channel. 

She broke out into a wide smile and said, “How’s that Big Boy?”

I laughed so hard I nearly cried. She moved slowly up and then quickly down for what seemed like an eternity. She threw her head back in what I hoped was ecstasy and fucked me and fucked me. My cum boiled up inside me as my balls constricted. I cried out as I exploded, rumbling inside of her. I felt her pussy squeeze all around my spurting cock and she writhed in pure pleasure. She milked me until there wasn’t another drop, falling forward on me, exhausted.

As Jessica and I enjoyed our intimacy Andi was having “her way” with Chris.

She treated him to what, he later described as the best cock sucking he ever experienced. She deep throated his thick seven inches and took his first load down her throat. 

After that Chris took control, pinning Andi’s arms over her head in a very supplicating pose. He pulled on her nipples with his other hand and twirled the nipple rings with his tongue before pulling on them in a sinfully painful way. He told her he loved the jewelry and that he knew someone who needed a matching pair. 

Andi, breathlessly said, “You need a set, too! Now, would you please drive that cock deep inside of me; I’ve been waiting to feel you everywhere.”

Chris didn’t waste any time in granting Andi’s wish. He grabbed her hips while lifting her about a foot off the bed. He positioned the head of his cock barely inside her tunnel and began sliding in an inch at a time. When he was about halfway home, Andi put her legs on his straining shoulders and squeezed.

“Give me all of it, give me all of it. Oh yea, that’s it, I’m going to squeeze every drop of cum out of you, every last drop. Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, you’re going to make me cum again. Oh, the pain is so sweeeeet.”

He pushed through her spasming pussy and impaled his cock as deep as he could. He pounded her, relentlessly before letting his load go. 

He looked into her glazed eyes and whispered, “You are amazing.”

She slid her legs down along his hips and held him flat against her for a long time.

When the four of us recovered from the intensity of the swap, Andi and Jessica both rejoined their husbands. Andi and I sat on the floor leaning against a big chair and Jessica and Chris held each other on the sofa. I offered drinks from an unfinished wine bottle.

Jessica piped in, “Drinks, hell no, let’s go back to the pool bar and see if they can will rustle up some food.”

We talked and nursed our drinks in a warm afterglow for about an hour. 

Day #4 

It turned out that Jessica and Chris had planned an excursion into the jungle followed by an evening in one of the villages nearby so we didn’t see them at all the next day. We had also planned on some non-fishing activities that day, zip lining and river rafting down one of the rivers. 

Before we left, I cut two bunches of flowers from the edge of the property, one for my lovely wife, Andi and the other for Chris and Jessica. After penciling a card for them I asked one of the staff members to drop off the flowers and note in their room.

The card read, “Friends, Andi and I experienced a very special night with two great new friends, last night. We hope you enjoyed the connection as much as we did.”

Neither couple returned in time for dinner that night. We hoped we’d see them after fishing the next evening. 

Day #5

The day was phenomenal. We plugged for yellow fin tuna until close to noon. A 100lb + fish attacked my plug about fifty feet from the boat and took me on a forty minute journey. The mate did a phenomenal job of coaching me through the fight and we gaffed the fish, successfully. It would become steaks and sushi, later. In the afternoon we plugged inshore for roosters and each of us released three. Andi caught one that was nearly 50 lbs. They are gorgeous fish, one of a kind in nature as they are the only species in their genus!

We returned to the marina at about 4:30 and were greeted, as usual by two of the female staff bearing tropical drinks. They told us about the upcoming evening, a version of a Panamanian feast featuring the catch of the day alongside local beef. The party would be at the pool and that local dancers would perform. Dress was beach casual- shorts and flip-flops. 

Andi wore just that, a pair of short shorts and a halter-top that allowed just enough jiggle to show off her jewelry. I wore a black tee and a pair of white shorts. 

We hadn’t seen Jessica and Chris since the evening we played together. We were a bit nervous that they had second thoughts about the intimacy they had shared with us, that evening. We were first timers not too long ago and, although we never looked back with anything less than joy about sharing each other, we knew that conflicted emotions were possible.

Jessica and Chris beat us to the party. When they saw us they both jumped up and the four of us exchanged embraces. 

Jessica nuzzled against my neck and said, “Thank you so much for the flowers and note. We had a wonderful evening; we can’t wait to play again.”

Andi never shared what Chris whispered in her ear. Something tells me it was a little naughtier than what Jess shared with me, as I detected a hint of a blush when he let her go.

The early evening was set up in a cocktail hour format. Although there were only a couple of dozen other folks at the resort, all male, we hadn’t gone out of our way to exchange more than hellos with most of them. That was about to change.

The two black athletes we noticed from the first evening and who noticed us when the ladies were downing the “BJs” were there. They greeted us, warmly.

They introduced themselves as Russ and Serge and, as it turns out, they were soccer players from the Brazilian National team. Their English was impeccable and their old world accents had the ladies swooning. They were very gracious and were real charmers. Jessica, who later admitted that she didn’t know what came over her, invited them to dine with us; Serge’s eyes sparkled as he accepted the invite.

Although the conversation stayed casual, a palpable sexual energy was developing between Serge and Andi and Russ and Jessica. Chris and I didn’t seem to mind as the women seemed to be enjoying the attention. That ramped up when the music slowed and Jessica and Andi were asked to dance. 

The girls jumped at the chance. As they moved toward the dance floor Chris and I exchanged glances. To my surprise he gave me a two thumbs up sign and I returned the same. Andi and I had enjoyed a threesome with a much younger black man months back so I knew she might enjoy her second big black cock, if things went in that direction. I was a tad surprised that Chris reacted the way he did. 

All I could think was, Chris and Jessica must have enjoyed the earlier foursome enough to jump into the swinging lifestyle with both feet.

Serge and Russ were “two peas in a pod” so to speak. Russ was about six foot four and Serge was almost six inches taller. It turns out that he was the team’s goaltender. It also turns out that they were teammates at the university they attended in Sao Paulo. They wore sleeveless tank tops that left nothing of their impressive torsos to the imagination. Both were clean-shaven everywhere we could see.

The ladies didn’t stop at one dance. Swapping partners after Stayin Alive, they gyrated to the Pointers Sisters’- Jump (For My Love). When the tempo slowed and Annie Lenox began singing I Put a Spell on You, I sensed an adventure was in the offing.

I turned to Chris and asked, “Are you ok with this? I’m not sure that this is going to end with just dancing.”

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “As long as those guys remain gentlemen, I’m good with them enjoying Jessica. How about you?”

“This won’t be a first for Andi unless it turns into DP,” I said. “Two big black men are on her wish list.”

Minute’s later four sexually buzzed individuals made their way back from the dance floor. Andi was flushed, her nipples hard against the thin fabric of her tank top. Jessica looked as if she were on fire; her skin was aglow with a thin sheen. And, Russ and Serge were sporting prodigious bulges that looked as if they were going to come over the tops of their shorts.

We ordered another round and the conversations grew more and more flirtatious. I grabbed a dance with Andi so I could have a chance to check on her. As we swayed to some Sam Smith, she gave me a squeeze and asked,

“Are you ok if I take on one or both of the guys?”

I wasn’t surprised. In fact, I would have been more surprised if she wasn’t interested. My cock stirred in my shorts.

I said, “You go girl.”

When we got back to the table she nuzzled up very close to Serge and told him she’d like to dance again with him. He smiled broadly and whisked her off to the dance floor. 

Everyone else had packed it in. The dance floor was all theirs. They began a very sensuous sway that made my cock stand up and take notice. His hands were on her breasts and hers were on his butt. Then they turned with Andi facing me as she ground up against his crotch with her butt. He’d slide low so his cock slid along her ass cheeks. 

She turned, kissing him boldly and then, half asking and half telling said, “I want you to ravish me. Come with me to our room.”

They came back to the table and Andi smiled and told the rest of the group that Serge and she were headed back to our room.

She offered, “Does anyone else want to join us?”

Jessica looked at Chris, then at Russ and said, “Bloody yes, I’m coming, too.”

Chris and I exchanged glances, knowing that the four of us were going to enjoy a new experience.

When the room door closed behind us, things heated up fast. Jessica and Andi were out of their clothes in record time. Serge pulled his shirt over his head and lowered his shorts and briefs together. His cock sprung out and I think the four of us let out a silent gasp. It was proportional to his 6’10 frame- and then some, very big, very hard and very black. He instructed Andi to lie down on her back with her head off the side of the bed. She complied immediately, thinking she was going to try to take his cock down her throat from that position.

He walked over to the bed, but instead of offering his cock to Andi’s outstretched hands and open mouth, he grabbed her by the butt. In one smooth, powerful motion he flipped her up to where her pussy was on his face with her legs resting on his shoulders and her face was at his crotch. He backed up to one of the straight-backed chairs and sat down, intent on eating her out to the max. Andi, blood rushing to her head started on his cock and balls.

Jessica, naked and flushed from head to toe watched as Russ stripped down. His approach wasn’t quite as acrobatic as Serge’s. He knelt and started mashing and sucking her breasts. Both his hands kneaded her butt cheeks. She felt his erection against her for the first time as she leapt onto his hips locking her long lean legs around him. He threw her on the bed and got busy with her pussy. He placed his thumbs on each of her swollen lips parting them enough to have full access to her pink, wet slit. He ran his tongue up and down making humming and slurping sounds. He slid one of his fingers into her and moved up to her clit with his mouth. Her hips rose up to meet his mouth and she moved quickly toward orgasm #1. 

She cried out, “Russ, your mouth is amazing; I’m cumming already. Oooooh, yes don’t stop, drink my cum.”

He covered her entire pussy with his mouth and sucked her clit as hard as he could. She cried out as multiple waves of pleasure washed over her. When those waves subsided, she begged for his cock as he held it in one of his giant hands for her to admire.  

He stroked it as she looked up at him and begged more earnestly, “Fuck me, please fuck me; I want that buried inside of me. Pleeease.”

He obliged, positioning himself between her legs, offering her his manhood. It was quite a sight as his shaft was very long and wide. His thick balls hung low in his scrotum. She reached out with one hand and not so gently, squeezed them. With the other, she fondled his shaft rubbing the pre cum all over it. She pulled it toward her slick opening. He was tender but forceful with her as he fed his 8+ inches into her. She accommodated him moaning every time he drove into her. 

His hands were mauling her breasts and twisting her nipples; her hands were on his butt pulling him deeper with every thrust. They moved together for a long time. When she got close to cumming, he’d pull almost all the way out reducing her sensitivity enough to slow her climax. As they both got closer, he picked up the pace driving deeper and faster as she began to clench around him. She dug her hands into his chest. He drove into her like a piston but she continued to rake her nails against his muscular butt. They both exploded together. He let out a guttural cry that surely woke up the entire jungle while she with closed eyes, screamed in utter ecstasy.

Andi and Serge were in their own world in that crazy sexy open position on the chair. She was absolutely open to his lips, tongue, mouth and hands. He sucked and licked her pussy and twirled his tongue rimming her rosebud. In that position, he could slide his tongue into her pussy or her anus; he did both repeatedly.

She had what she wanted, as well. She was able to take his cock with both hands guiding it into her mouth. She had the perfect angle to deep throat him so she slid his very large tool up into her throat taking almost all of it. Initially she gagged with his size until her practiced throat relaxed around his shaft, eventually taking it all the way into her throat.

Before either one of them could enjoy a release in that position, he stood up and took her to the bed, flipping her onto her back. He rolled her onto her belly and commanded, “Get on your knees.” 

She scurried up, got on her knees and lifted her butt in what could only be described as a wanton fuck me, position. He was behind her immediately and didn’t waste any time in feeding his massive cock into her pussy. She moaned with every forward thrust. When she swallowed his entire length, he began to pound her. At first, he was fairly gentle but as each of them became more animalistic in their desires he pounded harder, deeper and faster. She never stopped pushing back against his cock even though she shuttered multiple times.

After driving her to orgasm twice, but not cumming, himself he rolled her over. He reclined on the bed with his shaft straight up and said, “Time to ride this horse, mount this.”

She smiled and cooed, “Yes sir.”

Andi rose up, wrapped as much of her fingers and hand around his cock as she could and positioned it at her slick opening. When she ingested the purple black head she made rhythmic circles as she swallowed the rest of it into her cavern. It was quite a show for the rest of us as she undulated lifting up almost a foot and then sliding down grinding each of their pubic bones together.

Minutes into this incredible erotic shafting, Russ looked to me and asked if it was ok to join them. I knew that Andi fantasized about being double penetrated by two black guys so I welcomed the opportunity for her; I slowly nodded in the affirmative to Russ.

Jessica moved next to Andi, fondling her breasts as continued moving up and down on Serge’s cock. Russ moved in behind Andi using her pussy juices to lube her rosebud. He inserted, first one finger and then a second into her tight opening readying her for his sizeable cock. Andi was in a state of pure lust as she embraced what was about to happen.

Russ rose to his knees, took his cock in hand, covered it with more of her juices and slowly started feeding his cock into Andi’s tight hole. She threw her head back and cried out when his cockhead popped through her rim. That was followed by progressively louder and louder guttural moans of pleasure as he pushed deeper and deeper. When he was home, each of the two men began a synchronous dance. Serge would lift Andi up and almost off his cock while Russ would thrust hard into her back hole. When Russ slid back out, Serge would pull her all the way back down on his rod. Jessica meanwhile caressed Andi’s boobs and between moans kissed her deeply.

For me, this was the most intense erotic experience I had ever enjoyed. As this double fuck progressed, I watched in amazement as these two men lovingly provided Andi with every bit of their love.

Within minutes, Andi reached a point of utter combustion. Jessica covered her mouth with hers but when Andi exploded she let out the loudest deepest sound I’ve ever heard. She shook from head to toe as the climax overcame her. When she slumped forward, totally spent, each of the guys sat back allowing Jessica to fist each of their cocks. They both exploded within seconds spurting streams all over her face and torso. 

Little more was said. Serge and Russ tenderly kissed the girls goodnight and shook each of our hands. 

They smiled as they left and bowed humbly. Serge, with a big toothy grin said, “Good fishing and buenas noches.” 

We spent one more day at the lodge before heading to Desire, Pearl in Riviera Maya. We caught another marlin and a big cubera snapper that day. 

Before arriving at the lodge, we expected great fishing and an exotic destination to supply the thrills while in Panama. We didn’t expect week#1 of our two-week vacation would produce a foursome and a moresome.

We said good-bye to Chris and Jessica at breakfast and promised to hook up with them again. We mused that next year; we could spend another week fishing and an additional week at our favorite lifestyle resort, together. We knew we had new friends and great memories for a lifetime.

As we began the trek back through Panama City to Desire we wondered what kind of adventures we’d experience in the upcoming week.

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