Lauren and Richard’s
Little Life Mission:

We decided to trade in our regular lives and started an adventure to live for happy moments. We’re still not quite sure where this adventure will take us. 

We’ve learned there is no amount of money in the world that can buy moments. Those moments that stay in your hearts and minds and remind you why life is worth living. To live is to laugh and to love. Love motivates us. And swaddled inside that love is passion. A passion is something that makes us feel alive. If you feel that way about something, we say, 

Our evolving mission is to spread as much fun, joy and laughter as we can during our short precious time on this planet. This passion is something we love to share. We truly love sharing our own happiness with everyone who stumbles into our life and who is open to receiving it. 

We landed at Desire Resorts because of how it makes us feel. How it not only brings out the best in us, but in everyone we meet there.   

We make a living from tips garnered by the generous people who attend our Art of Touch workshops and also through Desire’s affiliate programWe would love to host you on your next trip to Desire. Whether we spend days or hours in your company, we hope to help bring a deeper sense of excitement and joy, fun and sexiness, smiles and memories to your getaway. Clicking here not only helps us pay our bills, but it also allows us to expand the good times, acceptance, and sexiness we try to pay forward to others.
We know not everyone is in a position to do what we’re attempting to do, so we want you to live through us as vicariously as possible. Take a break from the angst of the world and allow us to help you gather a few more happy, joyful, precious moments with the one you love. We do that. We do it well. And we do it often.
See you soon!

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