Art of Touch: Sensual Massage Workshop for Couples

Next workshop is Aug 20th worshipping the woman  Yoni massage

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Art of Touch | Massage Workshop

The workshop (now virtual) helps bring couples closer together in an intimate setting.  Our Yoni (women) and Lingam (men) Art of Touch massage workshops allow couples to focus solely on the pleasure of worshiping your partner through giving and receiving unconditional touch.

We’ve offered the Art of Touch couples massage workshops for three years at both Desire Resorts and are now on our own bringing the workshop to you! Now regularly scheduled for every third Saturday of the month! Traveling to the States soon as things open back up. We hope to bring the workshops to more couples over the next year.

Art of Touch | The Goal

The goal is to help couples connect in a new and exciting way (based heavily on a Yoni/Lingam technique). Our beliefs are that everyone is wired different sexually. And there is no one size fits all move that will work for everyone. However, we all receive the most amount of pleasure when we are relaxed, confident, safe and free from any expectations or goals.

We’d love to touch your life….. Lauren and Richard.

Art of Touch - Yoni

NOW every 3rd Saturday
May, Aug, Nov
10PM EST / 9PM C

Last night's workshop was absolutely amazing! First time experiencing that type of massage and my mind was blown. Thank you



Loved the workshop tonight and the chat room after! It was very orgasmic!



Anyone who didn’t have the opportunity to attend the workshop last night, don’t miss it the next time around. Such a fun and sexy time, especially afterward. We are looking forward to the next event!



We did the Yoni workshop during our first trip to Pearl, but not the Lingam. Really looking forward to it!



Learned some touches that are sexy that we didn’t know before. Learning new ways to enjoy each other is an awesome use of an hour!



Please find more information, come and join our secret Facebook group or follow us on social media. We always love to hear feedback and thoughts about stuff.  It’s not often we get this kind of opportunity to share with couples like you!

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