Art of Touch: Sensual Massage Workshop for Couples

Art of Touch | Massage Workshop

at Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort and Desire Riviera Maya Resort help bring couples closer together in an intimate setting.  Our Yoni (women) and Lingam (men) Art of Touch massage workshops allow couples to focus solely on the pleasure of being worshiped and receive unconditional touch.

We’ve been offering the Art of Touch couples massage workshops for over two and a half years at both Desire Resorts!  (Wednesday and Friday at Pearl; Tuesday and Thursday at RM)

We’d love to touch your life….. Lauren and Richard.

Art of Touch | The Goal

is to help couples connect in a new and exciting way (based heavily on a Yoni/Lingam technique). Our beliefs are that everyone is wired differently sexually. And there is no one size fits all ‘move’ that will work for everyone. However, we all receive the most amount of pleasure when we are relaxed, confident, safe and free from any expectations or goals. We try to accomplish this in a very sexy, seductive atmosphere where everyone feels safe, accepted and in control while doing our best to arouse their bodies and minds and even sometimes safely push their boundaries.  Review our workshop testimonials to learn what our guests have to say about their experience.

Please find more information in the link at the Desire-experience.com website or on our website. We always love to hear feedback and thoughts about our workshops so we may can continue to grow and improve. It’s not often we get this kind of opportunity to share this with couples like you!

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