Morelos VIP Transfer Service

Airport Shuttle

Thank you for checking out our partnered transfer service, Puerto Morelos Transfer! Whether you are interested in choosing a one-way transfer, or a round-trip transfer, we want to make sure you have all the information you need for a smooth ride. 

Puerto Morelos Transfer offers our VIP guests private transportation service, with the best service and a smile, and low rates!

  • One-way transfer (airport to hotel, or hotel to airport) is $40. 
  • Round-trip transfer (airport to hotel and back to airport) is $70.
  • To pay in advance, please contact us via email. 
  • You may also choose to pay Jose, the driver, directly.
  • Vans and drivers are fully insured and licensed.

For availability, please check with us directly, while we add an availability calendar to the website. Email us with your travel dates and flight info and we will arrange the transportation for you.

If You Are Traveling with ROOM 77 & PTO Morelos Transfer

Before you get on the plane, we recommend downloading WhatsApp and adding the contact information for:

Jose´ @ Puerto Morelos Transfer: +52 1 998-939-9057 (typed as one giant number. Don’t forget the + sign!)
Desire RM Direct: +52 1 998-872-8280
Desire Pearl Direct: +52 1 998-872-8063

Once you have finished praying that Customs doesn’t open your bag of dildos and feather boas, HEAD STRAIGHT OUTSIDE OF THE AIRPORT TERMINAL BUILDING AND TURN LEFT.  Stand tall, walk proud, through all the time-share people offering you free transfer service (just past customs). 

Once outside, you will see several travel representatives waiting for their passengers in the meet & greet area.  You are going to the “Friends and Family area.”  If you are like us, it will be at this moment that you remember you had to use the restroom a half an hour ago.  Pan over the sea of helpful taxi drivers, find a dry erase board, with our Room 77 decal (see photo) and your name. We decided to make it less conspicuous that you are going to Desire, where you can take your clothes off.  Jose will be there smiling with his dimples. His English isn’t the strongest, but he makes up for it in honesty and integrity. 

If for any reason you cannot find Jose´, you may text/call him directly via WhatsApp or regular phone. If you are really panicked, email us!