Ep. 81: Doing Gay Stuff in the Manliest Man Way Possible (at Desire)

  1. Everybody wins in this episode! We are invited to Desire by some dear friends and experience the new Eden resort. Surprise Richard, you are getting pegged for your birthday!
  2. First night at Desire, Richard volunteers Lauren for DVP with the right couple, wrong piece of junk.
  3. Richard’s DVP studies have him calling out positions like training camp. Why does it always look so simple when the pros do it?
  4. Lauren saddles up and makes it for a total of 11 seconds. However, she did not win a fancy belt buckle. She did win by taking SHIVERS! Go try some and see for yourself. Save 10% with promo: R77 at checkout!
  5. We meet another couple by the pool, dart up to the day beds for a quickie, then head for a nice lunch. Maybe they are down for pegging?
  6. We go dancing with Richard and understand what he’s actually yelling about on the dance floor.
  7. Intrigued by the new couple, we go for round two! This time it’s so manly, Lauren is sent spinning into multiple orgasms.
  8. Richard shares his tips for guy on guy play and why he’s still straight after #nohomogaystuff.

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