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Telling a friend or not

Opening up to friends – or not.

So my friend asked if we were swingers and I told him we were!

I love talking shit. No, we didn’t come out. I was saying it jokingly to him. I loosen up after I get to know people and he’s been my friend for a long time. Plus, we really haven’t done anything yet, so I don’t even know if we qualify!

We are trying something new and trying to have fun.

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Nervous Newbies

by the Southern Yellow band-ers We’re still reeling She and I both “forumed” up, months of research. The Desire experience somehow did exceed expectations, especially

A Whole New World – Part 3

by Jeff & Karen What happened there Being non-swingers we went in with no plans to have sex with anyone else. That lasted all of six

guy underwear at ankles

A Whole New World – Part 2

Jeff continues to describe their first trip to Desire in Part 2 of A Whole New World. He discusses seeing their first penis and how it went getting naked for the first time.

Playroom for swingers

Wanna Build a playroom? Jeff and Karen, US My husband and I started going to Desire Resorts about 3 years ago. Each year, we visited the resort between four to five times! Why do we go back so often? Because we love how it makes us a feel as a couple! It brings us closer- makes us feel sexy- takes us away from the kids and the mundane cycle of life! One day we were tipsy in the hot tub at Pearl and we were scheduled to leave the next day.  I was dreading

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Remove Desire (or other) Ads

You’ve checked out Desire or some other website and now you’re getting ads! Our tech guy has some tips to help rid your work computer of your searches, so you can be secret again.

Airport Shuttle

How easy is it to get from the airport to the hotel?

Desire is a quick 30 minutes or less from the airport and is pretty much a straight shot down the freeway.  There are many airport transportation shuttle companies.  We have an affiliate link with USA Transfers if you want to purchase your transportation “on the side.”  Or you can do it with the Desire reservation during checkout. The airport sits right off the freeway. The freeway is inset from the coast about 1km. Since all hotels are on the beach, you take an exit

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room 77 podcast episode 32
Ep. 32: Dr. Jeff & the Apocalypse

We talk about our version of surviving the apocalypse with Dr. Jeff & Karen in our clan. Acting out fantasies, selling panties, and OnlyFans.

richard and lauren episode 31
Episode 31: Social Encroaching

The quarantine has Lauren missing people, turning more germaphobic, and questioning selling panties.
Richard takes the Tesla (Kia) in for service, realizing speaking bad Spanish with a mask can void the warranty.

Episode 30: Stuck In You

We ask our dying questions to an ER doctor we meet at Desire after she warns Richard about his junk jewelry. And no, she’s never met George Clooney.

hoo hoo train
Ep. 29: Molly and the Hoo Hoo Train

In this episode, we finish some unfinished business and end up on the right side of the tracks. And Richard’s temperature sensitivity forces us into a week of celibacy.