Nervous Newbies

by the Southern Yellow band-ers

We’re still reeling

She and I both “forumed” up, months of research. The Desire experience somehow did exceed expectations, especially in that we were SO Nervous Newbies. My goal was achieved when she first went nude on the beach, what I thought may or may not take days took about 30 seconds. Welcomed ice breaking moment. Other thing we read about was how amazing your class is, we’ll keep it short, total eroticism (worked her into a frenzy) both classes. Mind-fucking-blown orgasms in front of strangers for Shit sakes. Big take away, we seem to always be touching, even G-rated touching, watching TV. Of course it cannot always be hot, but it’s a I’m here, you’re there sort of thing. Just the smallest change of habit prior to our trip, but a refound connection. I think we sometimes just sigh. ”I remember this hot person” from 14 yrs ago.
This weekend, we are going to send off the children and get out some oil.

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