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Remove Desire (or other) Ads

You’ve checked out Desire or some other website and now you’re getting ads! Our tech guy has some tips to help rid your work computer of your searches, so you can be secret again.

Expectations, Chemistry, and Colette’s

Sara backs up our theory: ‘the more expectations you have in the lifestyle, the worse-off you are.’ Read about their recent date at Colette, New Orleans.

Life lessons learned from Candy Crush

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to Candy Crush, but I didn’t realize all the lessons learned from playing it until recently. One night the blocks formed a heart shape and it started me thinking, “What has this game made me think about after going through all these levels?”

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Better Together!

We all know a lot about a little. But together, we can know a lot about a lot!  Share it with us, anonymously of course, as a guest blogger.

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