Remove Desire (or other) Ads

by The Room 77 Hat

You did it now, Jeff. You went and visited some site and now you are seeing an ad on Facebook that is, well um, not what you want your kids to see.

The Room 77 Hat is here to solve your sexy problems in a, hopefully, not too geeky way.

Facebook is always watching (kind of). The ads you see on Facebook are not a coincidence. The infamous FB uses a couple different techniques to learn about your habits. First, they use what is known as the Facebook Pixel to track where you go. Second, any site where you click the FB Like will send that back to FB. How do you take control of the ad’s that you see?

Ad Blockers will help. Use a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Opera and install an Ad Blocker extension. I use an extension called uBlock Origin. It currently blocks Facebook Pixel.

Customize your Facebook Ad Preferences
Your Interests section contains all of the Interests that either you told FB about or FB has determined that you may like. You can remove Interests one at a time.

Advertisers and Businesses section contains all of the businesses that advertise to you. Companies that bought your name from a list, websites that you have interacted with, visited and ads that you have clicked. You can hide individual ads from here.

For total and complete control over ads, skip down to the Ads Settings section. You can turn off ads from companies that work with FB and FB-owned companies. Also, turn off ads that show on websites that are connected to Facebook based on your activity. Finally, control who can see your social activity with ads (if you like a page from an Ad).


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