A Whole New World – Part 3

by Jeff & Karen

What happened there

Being non-swingers we went in with no plans to have sex with anyone else. That lasted all of six hours.

Let me explain.

We weren’t expecting to be intimate with another couple, but we weren’t ruling it out. We tried to come up with rules beforehand but could never manage more than “it will depend on the people we meet” and “we have to communicate with each other”. We’d had plenty of fantasies and dirty talk about what could happen at Desire but neither of us expected to click with anyone on our first trip.


Did you hear that? That click happened at the lobby bar before the disco opened for the night. It was packed shoulder to shoulder at the bar and we walked past a couple that had been in the hot tub with us a few hours before, but we hadn’t actually met. Since I had been swinging my six inches around with strangers all day I had become a bold extrovert, so I introduced myself to Eric and we struck up a conversation. Then Karen joined in with his wife, Julie, and we were happily chatting with an attractive couple our age who were also first time visitors. What luck.

(Let’s call them Eric and Julie because that’s not their real names and we can’t all be Jeff and Karen in one story or this whole place will turn into a Malkovich style fever dream.)

Our conversation naturally got to the topic of why we were visiting and Karen declared that it was a birthday trip, and the birthday was today. Julie responded, “Well that deserves a double blowjob!”

Pardon me, what? I think the left and right lobes of my brain temporarily lost communication and I was floating aimlessly through time and space as the words echoed through eternity and enveloped me in a shroud of godlike peace and self awareness. Double blowjob double blowjob double blowjob double blowjob double blowjob double blowjob.

When I gently floated back down to Earth I saw Karen smiling at her, and I was instantly at 75% mast.

We made arrangements to meet up again in the disco and Karen and I immediately excused ourselves for a sidebar to discuss what each other was thinking. Turns out we were thinking we both liked these people and it was a huge turn-on.

After dancing and and another drink we met up with our new friends, and we all set off to the fabled playroom to see what all the fuss was about. Our mutually agreed on plan was to start with the birthday double bj and then enjoy some parallel play, having sex side by side in the playroom. 

That plan evaporated and we ended up enjoying a lengthy soft swap, and we sensed that our new friends were more than ready to take it further. The extended session, and glorious double bj, took more time than we realized, and we all found ourselves to be the last ones not only in the playroom but in the disco as well. The lights were on and the chairs were up. Oops.

In what has become our Desire tradition, we stayed up far too late in the hot tub and then had food again at the lobby bar in the dark of night. Time flies when you’re talking to amazing people.

What shouldn’t have happened there. Is this about mistakes? 

Our first night was more than memorable, and we talked to each other almost until sunrise about the crazy experience we just lived through. And, best of all, we were both happy with what had happened. I was a tad bit unsettled that we blew past our plan; I didn’t regret what we had done, but I worried about the speed with which it all happened. Were we bad at this? Were we too good at this?

During the second day I was on cloud nine and a half. I was eager to see our new friends at the pool and hang out again. 

Yeah, I was way too fucking eager. 

My brain was still dripping with happy hormones and I lost focus. After dinner with our new friends and two other couples Karen and I went back to our room to relax and get ready for the night. I thought we were on deck for a full swap with our new friends. And dammit if my ears didn’t stop working.

Karen had to tell me multiple times that they had mentioned their plans to meet up with another couple that had arrived that afternoon. More importantly, Karen wasn’t sure she was into the idea of a full swap anyway, because they were a great couple but they were further along on their lifestyle journey and not necessarily looking for the same things as us. Karen wasn’t saying “fuck yes” to the idea.

So naturally I did the worst possible thing – I made the case for why they were into us and how we needed to get ready for our full swap that night.

Did I mention that I’m an idiot? Perhaps I should have led with that part. I fucked that up just about as bad as I possibly could have.

We spent a few hours having a difficult conversation and I slowly pulled my head out of my ass. The trip to the disco was ditched and we walked around the property, having drinks at the lobby bar and up at the hot tub. We reconnected in an amazing way, fucking each other stupid on a bed under the starry sky and ignoring the world around us. There were even shooting stars.

Why we chose to go back

After my brilliant fuckup I couldn’t have blamed Karen if she said it was her last trip to a lifestyle resort. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

Despite my ineptitude we had an amazing experience. We didn’t regret our soft swap with Eric and Julie, and our other public sex was even more memorable. There were orgasms in several places around the resort and we discovered that being naked all day is simply wonderful.

The people we met were very different than we expected. Turns out that getting to know people when everyone is naked is pretty damn easy. The masks are off and the guards are down. We had a great time talking with a variety of couples and the resort staff too. 

Not to mention the knee shaking orgasms that came from the Art of Touch workshop on our last day. That was…intense.

We headed home and started listening to Room 77 Podcast, and we laughed our asses off. And we started making plans for our return trip. We may have fallen face first into the lifestyle, and there were some scrapes and bruises, but we happily booked our return trip within the same year.

See you there…I’ll be the naked one.


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