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A Whole New World

by Jeff & Karen 

Let me guess – you’re curious about visiting Desire Resorts in Cancun, Mexico. How could you not be? There’s naked people, sun, sex, food, naked people, alcohol, sex, naked people, and even the occasional naked person. What’s not to like?

If you’re curious about Desire and have been on the internet for more than a day* you’ve probably found a whole bushel (and perhaps even a peck) of blogs and reviews. I know I read 6 or 7 or all of the reviews out there before booking. Given that flood of information, why should you care about my opinion?

Because my wife, Karen, and I are new. Really new. Like, “completely 100% new to any lifestyle activity of any sort” new. And our first dip into this pool was a three-day trip to Desire Riviera Maya.

And boy-oh-boy, did I ever screw it up.

Who We Are:

We are your neighbors. You know the ones…a couple kids getting off the bus after school. Two sensible cars in the driveway. A reasonable commute and the occasional get together with friends at the local brewery. And some sex. We quite like the sex.

Over 15 years of marriage our bedroom fantasies evolved and expanded. The dirty talk frequently involved other girls, guys, couples, and civil servants joining us for various filthy adventures. Perhaps the most common topic was to watch and to be watched. The idea of having sex on the same bed as another couple, watching and hearing and smelling? Fuck yes. This contributed to more than a few orgasms. Before I go on, yes. Civil servants. Can you honestly say you don’t get a little wet thinking about your county comptroller? Uh huh. I see you. Liar.

Why we chose to go:

How could we make that voyeur/exhibitionist fantasy happen? Bear in mind that we don’t want to be labeled as the local sex freaks who got busted for banging on a picnic table at the park. And we both work with local clients so heading off to a lifestyle house party was too scary to consider. We had heard of certain resorts in Jamaica but those were for swingers. We are not swingers.

The idea sat for a few years, quietly growing in power until it overtook every waking hour and life became an interminable fog of clothed people who didn’t want to watch us get off and nothing could break through the malaise of our vanilla existence and we did little but stare longingly out the window while tracing raindrops with our fingers. Or maybe we got a little older and less self conscious and wanted to try being naked around other people. Probably the latter. So we went to the sexual center of the world…the internet. And a few clicks later we found out that there were upscale resorts called Desire right outside Cancun. Resorts where we could be naked, fuck out in the open, and see as much flesh and sexuality as we could handle.

So we booked it. Well, technically Karen booked it without telling me beforehand. In the middle of routine daily text messages about what the kids were doing and where we needed to be on Thursday night, she casually dropped “I booked Desire for your birthday” into the chat. Wow. What a wife.

To be continued…(if you can’t wait, head over to Twitter and follow us!)

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