Ep. 26: How To Human Traffic at Desire Resorts

room 77 podcast ep 26

Ep. 26: Flirt with Me, Spit on Me, & Make Sure Everyone's Watching

  1. Free bikinis for everyone!! More Temptation talk and Richard seeks Lauren’s advice for better flirting tactics. Richard also works on a new laugh for himself. 
  2. We talk to Dr. Jeff and Karen about more sexy things. Ejaculate.  And not so sexy things. Menopause. Richard makes a pledge to Karen to keep her alive if ever on a deserted island. 
  3. Public sex. Watching and being watched is a topic as Richard and Lauren begin preliminary plans and hire an architect for their new lifestyle resort.  

Interviews from Desire guests about drying up, the bad flirting styles, sexy socks, and the right amount of ejaculate.

A swinger podcast by Room 77 | Life

Duration: (01:00:38)

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