Playroom for swingers

Wanna Build a playroom?

Jeff and Karen, US

My husband and I started going to Desire Resorts about 3 years ago. Each year, we visited the resort between four to five times! Why do we go back so often? Because we love how it makes us a feel as a couple! It brings us closer- makes us feel sexy- takes us away from the kids and the mundane cycle of life!

One day we were tipsy in the hot tub at Pearl and we were scheduled to leave the next day.  I was dreading going back to everyday life and kids. I thought I would love to take a piece of this home with us- so we could just mentally get away even if it’s for one night, so I said to my husband, “Let’s build a playroom!” He’s like, “What?” I said, “Let’s buy a condo in the City and it will be our couples’ den! We can go sleep there on the weekends or even get away for one night and make it sexy and playful.”

The wheels started turning and we began making up a bunch of stupid rules like: we can share it with our close friends but they are not allowed to tell anyone.  We only invite special friends to use it, and if they mention it to others they will not be invited back (like fight club lol.) We are fortunate enough to be able to visit Desire a couple times a year; our friends are not as fortunate and it would be great to have a place to play with others that is safe and private.

So, we created our own sexy playroom!

Who knew that one drunk conversation could actually come to fruition! Here are some before pics to wet your appetite …. stay tuned.

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