How do you tip the bartenders at the jacuzzi or pool when you don’t have any pockets?

We’ve seen some inventive places to hold money that do not include a ‘prison wallet’ option. Hats, sunglasses and sometimes connected to yeti cups. Most people and our personal preference is the “now and then” method. The bartenders stay pretty set for hours at a time. Taking a break from the pool if you’re drinking usually happens every “now and then.” If you don’t take a break from the pool to pee, you’re most likely not the type that’s worried too much about tipping; so, you can just skip the rest. Whenever you or your spouse takes a bathroom break, take a moment to go grab a bill for the bartenders. Use your bladder to as a reminder, like reapplying sunscreen.

Remember:  You don’t have to give a bartender a tip at the moment he gives you a drink. They won’t get confused if you hand them money and you don’t need a drink at that moment. You’re busy. You’re naked. They get it.   

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