Ep. 80: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

  1. We take you through our sexcapades from Flirtation. (Come check out SIN in October and see why couples leave and tell a friend to go to the next one.)
  2. Do we peak at a certain athletic level sexually? Lauren thinks she needs to start training, as she’s being out sexed by newbies. Richard thinks reverse psychology is a better, more lazy, approach.
  3. Richard learned from Shakira that hips don’t lie. He’s faced with another power bottom, this time disguised as a rabbit. Get it babe, just don’t break your….NO!
  4. What does Richard have in common with a glow stick? He’s wondering if a transition is right for him.
  5. We journey through our own playroom for the first time. It was like being in a movie, except Richard was playing all the roles. Richard tells Lauren what her playroom faux pas was and why she was a “bad” girl.
  6. We talk about the “ugly” in party drugs. What happens when you just want to watch the blinky lights, but you’re unable to speak or walk? Richard takes one small step for lifestyle kind.

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