Art of Touch LIVE – Yoni – February 19th

We invite you to join us on February 19th at 10p EST

Hi Patrons, 

You are invited to join us on zoom for the first Art of Touch workshop of 2022. This one is for the ladies, or the Yoni version. Not sure what the workshop is about? Click here for more info!

Grab your oils, your partner, and lock the door! We hope to see you (or at least hear you) on zoom! These are now offered only a quarterly basis, so make time for each other keeping that Valentine vibe alive. 

If you are a member of the 15$ tier or 20$ tier, please check your message for promo code before registering. (*promotion codes sent to members who joined the above tiers 30 days prior to workshop)

PURCHASE by clicking this link:

Now that you’ve paid to do the workshop, let’s get you registered for it on Zoom! (the following instructions are also in the notes of your order confirmation email.)

1. Follow the instructions below to go over to Zoom. 

2. Register on Zoom with the same email address used for purchase. You must register on Zoom before Feb 19th, 4pm EST, so we will have time to approve you!

3. Wait.

4. We will approve your Zoom registration after confirming your payment.

5. You will receive another Zoom email with all the login and meeting details. Save it in a safe place!

We know it’s a couple of extra steps, but we value the privacy of our attendees and want everyone to feel safe and in the presence of other couples only.

All our Gratitude

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