Yellow Band Newbies | First Trip to Desire Resorts

For anyone’s first time to Desire Resort, you get a yellow wristband. This is a not-so-subtle way of telling others you are newbies. We did it! We came. We saw. We conquered! We made the decision to go to Desire Pearl for a quick little getaway to see what we this place was all about. We are not in the lifestyle nor have we even dabbled in anything lifestyle related. However, we came across Desire and concluded it could be a fun trip. We came in on a Thursday and headed out on a Sunday. It was a quick trip. We felt that was a great amount of time given we were not sure what to expect exactly. If it’s great, then it’s too short and we’ll make plans to come back some day. If it’s awful and not our scene, then it’s a quick trip and we’ll be back to our normal life before we realize we were gone. Spoiler alert: we will definitely be back!

Going into the trip we talked about a lot of different things. It really is true how this sort of thing opens up the communication channels. I feel like we have a good line of communication before but in something like this, I personally, did not want to leave anything open to interpretation. I wanted to be very open, direct, and clear with my wife and I wanted the same from her about expectations for this trip. What are you open to? What are you not open to? Do we use our real names? Do we tell people what we do for a living? Where we live? What if we run into someone we know? Will the driver at the airport be holding a sign with our names that says, “These people are swingers!!” Blah Blah Blah. Well, I must say that the trip from the airport was very discreet and only had our names and not the resort we were headed. As far as everything else, we did decide to roll with our names and life’s as there is really nothing to hide.

Thursday Day–

As we pull up to the resort around 1ish on Thursday I was a little taken aback by how plain the entrance was. We have been to many a resort in Rivera Maya/Cabo and you take the shuttles that caravan other guests to their resorts and you see the grand entrance that most resorts maintain. Pearl is not that at all. The entrance is about as plain as a Holiday Inn in Lincoln, Nebraska. That is not a knock or a deterrent as we weren’t there for a grand entrance, but it was different from the other “vanilla” resorts we are accustomed to. The staff was very friendly and welcomed us as we checked in and everything normal as we would expect. Given that it was 1ish we didn’t expect our room to be ready so we went to grab lunch for our first walk through the property. We were both nervously anxious to see the pool scene. What were we going to find? Are the people really going to be naked? Will they just be having sex all over the place? What were we going to find!? Well, to grab lunch you have to walk right through the pool and right through the pool chairs to get to the restaurant. As we get to the pool, dressed in jeans and shirts from our flight, we find that YES, most of the folks hanging out at the pool at 1pm on a Thursday were not wearing a gosh damn thing. I just nervously laughed to myself as I wasn’t sure to make eye contact or small talk or what I was supposed to do. But no one cared at all. They smiled and said hello as you would anyone as if it made no difference in the world. She and I smiled and laughed and grabbed lunch and thought, this trip is what we make it!

After lunch we decided to make our way to the pool and check out the scene. We knew going in most would be naked but reading about it and seeing it in person is two very different things. We decided that, for us, less was more and that we were good for bathing suits in the pool. We showed up at the pool wearing our bathing suits feeling very overdressed, even though we had both purchased bathing suits that were much racier than we typically wear. But no one really cared. To each their own. And we know how to rock a pool bar so we wanted to dive in headfirst and start making vacation friends. What we didn’t expect, however, is that the pool around 2pm is kind of a dead spot. People go late at night at Pearl, so it makes sense that mid-afternoon isn’t a big party. We discovered this over the next few days once we understood the structure of the day. However, with this being our first trip to the pool this seemed like a boring party and I was a little concerned. She and I both looked at each other and thought “Oh man, I hope this isn’t the vibe all day and night!”. But again, your vacation is what you make it so as long as they are serving drinks and people are out, we can make the best of most situations. Not only is my wife the most beautiful person on earth, she just might be the most gregarious. Making friends wouldn’t be a problem. It’s not very long before we settle in for a few drinks and quickly meet what would become our very dear vacay friends over the course of the next 3 days.

Thursday Late Afternoon / Evening –

desire pearl jacuzziWe met 2 couples in particular that were absolute greatness. One couple was from North Carolina and the other from Cincinnati. We clicked immediately and had a great time and spent the next several days hanging out at the pool, jacuzzi , dinner, and even more. So as the pool area winds down around 4pm, we start making plans to head to the jacuzzi for the late afternoon. We were ready for this. We read about it and I was excited. It did not disappoint. As I mentioned, she and I were subscribing to the “Less is more theory” and still rocking our bathing suits. (wife edit: I took off my bikini top around 3pm… people were teasing in a friendly manner and I couldn’t play coy forever!) We are not prudes but we just felt we wanted to leave a little to the imagination. Well, as we settle into the jacuzzi with our group of newly found friends and a fresh round of drinks , one of the wife’s of the other couple felt like I was drastically overdressed. So there I am enjoying a nice Dos Equis and our new friend is pulling down my tiny swimming trunks to get them off. Im not sure what I said but I am sure I laughed and said “This is going to be a shit show” and it was. in a good way. Soon my wife is bottomless, and we are enjoying everything Pearl has to offer. Over the course of the next couple of hours my wife and I proceeded to make out with the other spouses and enjoy some fireball off of the women’s nipples. I’m not a big cinnamon whiskey fan but if you’re gonna have a shot, this is how it should be done. Over the next couple of days there were times where I’d find my self in a conversation at the jacuzzi a person or two removed from my wife only to find the Fireball had found her and one of our new found friends was taking shots off of her. It’s hard to run in water but whenever I saw my wife being the subject of a shot and she had an open nipple I was run as hard as a can to get at her. It was absolute greatness. SO much fun!

Other highlights of the trip –

I only had 2 expectations for this trip that we wanted to get out of it. The first was to grant my wife her erotic massage fantasy and the second was that we wanted to have exhibitionist style sex where we are watched. Anything more than that was icing on the cake.

Erotic Massage – If you have any interest in this then read up on it in these forums. We did it and we loved it. I won’t go into great detail here as to our experience but let’s just say, if you’ve never had your wife in missionary while 2 women violently push your ass into her you’re missing out. My gawd!!!!!

Public Sex – Our room was on the 3rd floor and overlooked the jacuzzi. This was a great spot for us. We could go out on the patio and see who was out there. So, the very first night after we were back in our room, we were getting after it on, on the balcony. I was fucking my gorgeous wife from behind while we both looked out over the jacuzzi. With it being somewhat late, maybe 1am or so, we saw a foursome going at it on a jacuzzi bed. I told my wife this was our chance to check the fantasy of having sex in public off the list so off we went. We threw on some robes and headed downstairs. I’m not sure what the courtesy is when having sex in an open environment, should you pick the bed next to the foursome when other beds are open or not? I was all about cozying on up to them on the bed beside them but alas it was a bit of a mess and we opted for another bed. The bed we choose happened to have a couple sitting in the jacuzzi right in front of it. We didn’t care! We were on sexual cloud 9 and wanted each other right there and we were happy to be their live-in person porn. We got into the bed and ending out doing what we do best, and it was amazing. I was so trilled the entire time knowing we were being watched, it was hot to us and one of the highlights of the trip. That’s the thing too, after a while , seeing naked people and people having sex in public is sort of second nature. Its crazy how that happens. In any case, we made that fantasy come true and my wife and I knew we were in for a good trip.

Swapping Softly not once but twice – As I said , our only expectations of the trip were the massage and the public sex. We discussed if we would be open to doing things with others. We discussed our wants and limits and ultimately decided that anything we would do would be with each other. We did decide that if we wanted to play with anyone it was going to be a soft swap situation. And the option presented itself on Friday at the jacuzzi. As we were having our afternoon festivities kick in with our vacay friends from Cincy the husband told me at one point in the jacuzzi “You guys don’t go back to your room before we have a chance to talk”. I am not naïve, and I knew very quickly what that could mean. In fact, my wife and I had several conversations on our own of who we might engage with if the options presented itself. This couple was on our list and here was the opportunity. Again, like the fireball scenario, I was off at the bar talking with someone about an aimless conversation. At that time I hear my name from the husband only to turn around and find my wife and his wife face to face, nipples touching and looking back at me. I turned to the guy at the bar and gave him a knowing nod and went over to join what looked to be one hell of a party. As I approached the women faced one another, the other husband was opposite me while we formed square of people. The women began to kiss, and I groped and felt both my wife and the other wife at the same time. From there I spent the next few minutes rotating kissing between my wife and the other woman while they did the same. I pressed their nipples together and sucked both at the same time, I grabbed my wife’s ass and squeezed as I watched her kiss another man, I grabbed the face of the other woman and kissed her as I felt my wife’s tits at the same time. It was fucking hot. And I can spare the details of the rest of the time for another post but we ended up in their room later that night. I can say I’ve never had a double blow job before and this was a big fantasy of mine. I can now say that I’ve lived that fantasy and it was story to remember for sure. I believe my words as that occurred were “Oh wow, So this is happening! “ !

If we have any regrets, it was not being able to say goodbye to our dear friends from North Carolina. We spent all three days with them, went to dinner with them all three nights and the last night we were in the jacuzzi together. We ended up losing track of them that night in a flurry of events. They were good peeps and since we left the resort at 730am Sunday morning we never had a chance to hook up with them in the pool and say goodbye. If anyone knows C and L from NC, tell them to reach out!

There were body shots, my wife cumming from another woman’s tongue, erotic massages, sex in public several times, a double blow job, on and on and on. This trip was an absolute blast and I loved spending every single minute of it with my gorgeous wife. It was an amazing experience and I loved that we shared in everything we did together. What a trip! Can’t wait to go back.

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