Don't spread yourself too thin.

Don’t spread yourself too thin!

by Karen | Wellness, USA

Hey there!! I’m so honored to be a part of this community and contribute bits and pieces of what I’ve learned in this life thing we all go through. My goal in this little corner of the internet is to encourage every reader to give themselves permission to live a life that nourishes their mind, body and soul. Why do we need permission? Mostly because we tell ourselves we must keep going, add one more task, there isn’t enough time in the day, we would be selfish, and so on. In reality, we do have time, we can say no, and it’s ok to slow down or to even stop.  Don’t spread yourself too thin!

Ahhh, but I can still hear you in the back of your head telling yourself “that sounds nice, but I’m just too busy.” I get it. I’ve been there. To you I say, “that’s ok!” You don’t have to change your life all at once. Little changes that focus on caring for yourself first can be the best ones! Trust me, once you start finding a renewed sense of energy, sleep, relationships, and productivity you will be centering more of your life around becoming your best self.

Stick around and I’ll share some tips, techniques, strategies and encouragement on putting yourself first. I mean, does anyone really like their peanut butter spread too thin? No. No they do not.  So be sure to plan time for yourselves to play!

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