Who wouldn’t want to live in the lifestyle?

By Jeff and Karen, Seattle

As I sit to write this new blog I am overwhelmed with a question: Who wouldn’t want to live in the lifestyle?  It has its moments that may create challenges. However, I truly feel that those moments are few and far between from the GREAT ones!  I can’t answer for everyone, but I can honestly tell you for my husband and I, life is more fun. It is more exciting, and we get to be who truly are.

On three separate occasions we have had the opportunity to host couples that we met at Desire at our home in Seattle.  Each time has been different and unique in its own way.  The one common thread of each visit was how we all clicked again like we had just seen each other the prior week. Prior to a visit, each of us wondered how it would go because the fun, dynamic and sexy vibe of Desire can be hard to recreate.  At Desire it is easy to hit it off because everything about Desire contributes to really fun times with the pool games to the jacuzzi and disco.

What I have come away from after each visit, is why wouldn’t couples want to live this lifestyle? Lifestyle benefits include the fun, the connection we both have as a couple within our own relationship and the connection with another couples, transparent conversations, open talks about sex, intimacy, what excites us, and what makes us laugh.  Speaking of laughing I have not laughed as hard or as much as I have with these couples. Dinners are more fun, the conversation always circles around to funny stories about moments around the pool, the late night jacuzzi and reminiscing about other fun times at Desire.  Then we look around and start noticing all the other tables of people around us leaning in and trying to listen in on our conversation. Like I opened with: WHO wouldn’t want to live this lifestyle??

Sex is not the focus, nor is swapping, or any other cliché of the lifestyle, we are not just laying around having sex the entire time; well at least NOT all of it 🙂 Every visit to Pearl results in more open conversation with each other and the sexy fire that Desire stirs in each of us has an opportunity to be rekindled. Let’s face it, we can’t all live at Desire and we do have vanilla lives that have to be attended to. However, what would our lives be like if we all took one or two weeks or weekends a year to reconnect on a more personal and intimate level with others that we have met along this Lifestyle journey.  I can’t answer for everyone, but I can honestly tell you for my husband and I, life is more fun, it is exciting, we get to be who truly are.  We live in a very vanilla life outside of Desire, having traditional friends, kids, work, etc.  We live a day to day life that is void of interacting with others like the Desire friends we have made.  I will acknowledge that this is by our own doing. We don’t go to Lifestyle club’s, we aren’t on any online Lifestyle chat groups. For us, having a connection and friendship with the people that we have met at Desire is how we enjoy the lifestyle.

The funniest part is when friends from our non-Desire circles meet our Desire friends or hear us mention our visits, they are always intrigued…The most common comment we hear is: Wow you two sure make a lot of friends when you are on vacation in Cancun 🙂  For now it is our little secret….but I wonder for how long and why would we keep this a secret. There of course are the obvious reasons, respect for kids, family and not to offend friends that wouldn’t have any appreciation for the lifestyle benefits….but sometimes we wonder how long we can keep all this fun bottled up inside of us!!

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