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‘Tech’nically Naughty By Jeff, St. Louis

Keep your sexy browsing private

Everyone wants your information. Ever wonder why you see an ad on Facebook for the product you just searched? You are being tracked. Depending on your level of paranoia, this may not bother you. However, I am sure you don’t want a KY lube ad popping up on your Facebook feed when someone is looking over your shoulder. The United States passed a law that permits your Internet Provider to collect and sell your browsing information (more on that later). I will focus on keeping your sexy web browsing hidden from others on your device and show you how to browse privately.

Best Browsers for private browsing

Keep the vanilla browsing separate from your adult browsing by using a different browser than your default. Most likely you already have Chrome or Safari as your default browser. If you are using Edge or IE, just stop. Switch to Chrome or some other browser that I list here. You are likely using a login that enables you to keep your bookmarks, etc. across multiple devices. Awesome. Super easy. Not private.
For more privacy, you can absolutely use “incognito mode” in your default browser. “Incognito mode” stops the storage of three things: browsing history, cookies, form data. Websites can still track you. In addition, it is a pain in the ass to not have browsing history and form data. I want my convenience and privacy, too! My solution is to download and install one of the three biggest privacy-minded browsers (Brave, Firefox or Opera). If you have nosey kids, you can hide the browser icon.

If you just said “but all of my passwords are stored in my browser”, skip to the password security tip. I’ll wait.

Welcome back. Use that secondary browser for all of the adult browsing. Don’t login to your vanilla accounts on that browser. Keep reading for tips to make your secondary browser even more private.
If you don’t want to bother with two browsers? Great. Keep reading.
Think you have a good browser. Awesome. You still have to worry about being tracked. Install a browser extension or some browsers, like Brave, have tracker blocking integrated into the browser. Almost done.

Next, avoid search engines like Bing and Google that will track your searches. DuckDuckGo keeps your searches private. Use it.

After you have done all of those, one final extra precaution to ensure you can browse privately.  Clear your browsing history and cache. Duh. However, you can take this to the next level by installing a browser extension like Super History & Cache Cleaner for Chrome. It will allow you to clear history/cache information from 10 minutes ago up to 1 month (because you aren’t always searching for Stainless Steel Cock Rings, right?).

Password Security Tip:

Never store passwords in the browser. Get a password manager application like Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password, or Keeper. My preference is to use the password generator in Dashlane to generate a random 16 character password for all of my accounts. I don’t know any of my passwords, because I only need to know the master password for Dashlane. Dashlane has a browser plugin and a phone app that will automatically enter passwords for apps and sites. You don’t need to cycle through 5 variations of the same password any longer.

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