The Internet made me do it.

by Karen, Fl

Our Origin Story:

While cuddling in bed after having great sex one Sunday morning, my husband asked, “What are you thinking about?”  Instead of answering with my usual, “Nothing,” I answered honestly, “I was wondering if you ever regret only having sex with me. We are awesome together, but you must fantasize about other women.”  That innocent question opened the fantasy floodgates as we began sharing our playful desires with each other.

I headed to the internet to learn everything possible about the swinger’s lifestyle.  Using a new email and a different browser, I signed up for our first swinger’s dating site and sheepishly filled out a profile for us.  So yes, the internet made me do it.  I discovered that there were countless loving committed couples who were looking to spice up their sex life by sharing with singles and other couples.  We began sharing our naughtiest desires with each other. We even started playing truth or dare on the golf course.  I’m not sure if I liked being the winner or the loser as we became more and more adventurous.

On our golf vacation to Tucson we were inventing more fantasies; turning each other on and getting each other off, in “nontraditional” ways and places. We didn’t hook up with another couple as my husband wasn’t quite ready for that yet; we focused on making that vacation the hottest one ever. After losing a dare the day before, my husband insisted on taking me to an adult superstore and designated me as the buyer. Four-hundred dollars later we left laughing with lots of new toys. My orgasms were plentiful as we enjoyed our new level of play and communication. And, we were ready to share each other.

Jeff might have been slow to jump in the deep end but once he bought in to the adventure, he jumped in, cock first.  The evening after getting home, he opened his internet browser to Desire Pearl, the clothing optional, all inclusive lifestyle resort in Riviera Maya. After about a minute of conversation, he hit the “book now” prompt for a September vacation.

Jeff also signed us up on more dating sites, added a more pictures, and began flirting with other couples and singles.  He was doing some serious flirting with other women when he had asked me if I was ready for my ultimate fantasy, a MFM threesome. Jeff began looking for the right man, one who would know how to treat a lady.

Brian was a young good-looking single professional who lived in Dallas.  My husband planned the tryst for almost a month. We’d head to a condo at a golf resort a few hours from our home.  As the meeting grew close, I was a bit apprehensive and nervous but incredibly turned on, too.

We met at the country club for dinner and raised a few eyebrows from the handful of diners who seemed curious about two guys and a girl “dressed to kill” engrossed in intimate conversation. After dinner and a bottle of wine, conversation came easily, and we decided it was time to head back to the room.

Now the nerves began to kick in.  How do I start?  What would my husband do when I was being pleasured and thoroughly fucked by another man?  Are we crazy for doing this?

After a little more small talk Brian stood and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me passionately.  Wow was my overwhelming reaction.  It had been a looooooong time since I welcomed another man to ravage me. It was wild and passionate and when my husband joined us it got even better.  The three of us fell asleep in a pile and woke up early and began again.  After sharing breakfast, we said goodbye to Brian with a promise to keep in touch.

On the way home, we had a blast talking about the highlights; we decided we definitely liked this new life and wanted more of it for both of us. Our sex, at home was spicier and spicier and we couldn’t wait to visit our first lifestyle resort.

Today, we still enjoy the lifestyle even though we are 60s year young! We love visiting Desire Pearl as often as we can.  We are thankful, that the internet was there for us to learn and discover more about swinging and the lifestyle.  There are so many resources for couples to rely on such as for information, communication and to find other couples to play with. I am sure we would have never gotten into the lifestyle without it.

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