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Ep. 24: How To NOT Sip Champagne at Temptation | How To Use Virtual Porn at Desire Resorts

  1. Lauren and Richard venture out to Temptation Resort in Cancun and forget how to check into a hotel and be social. We get invited to drink champagne with a strange couple who states the complete opposite of what we want to hear. 
  2. First week back at Desire after furlough, we chat with old and some ‘shocking’ new friends. Richard finds himself in a virtual threesome while at lunch in Aphrodite. We discuss a semi secret fetish Richard has that will more than likely creep everyone out. 

Interviews from Desire guests about hotel likes and dislikes, waking partners up for sex, mutual masturbation, party energy, virtual penis’ and more.

A swinger podcast by Room 77 | Life
Duration: (46:53 — 53.7MB)

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What Is This Virtual Reality All About?

Virtual reality or VR has been lurking around for a couple of decades, but really got their sh!t together about 5 years ago. Geared towards gamers, the virtual reality experience was not originally intended for porn. But given time, people will find a way to adapt it for adult entertainment. But, hey, it’s not all for pleasure! Currently VR headsets are being used in the medical field for training medical students for surgery, as well as training in the military. 

The Basics

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 64GB

VR headsets are made up of just a few things:  separate optics or lenses for each eye, head motion tracking system (like a gyroscope), a processor, and stereo sound. You can be tethered to a computer or gaming system for faster speeds and integration with video games.

This was quite an eye opener, no pun intended! Thanks to F and S for bringing and sharing your toys. We always love learning new things from the community!


lauren relaxing at temptation resort
aerial view of temptation resort

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