Exploring bi-sexuality

Exploring Bisexuality At Desire Pearl

After 13 years of marriage, I asked my husband if he was interested in a threesome with another women – then we began exploring bisexuality and the lifestyle.

Jeff and Karen, Kentucky

My husband and I are mid thirties, married for 13 years, and high school sweethearts. After 20 years of a hot sex life (well maybe not the entire time) we are now in the lifestyle. A few years back we started entertaining the thought of a threesome and exploring bisexuality.  Yes, I was the one who brought it up to him. I’m attracted to women and thought a threesome experience would be hot.

Every night for six months, we started researching the lifestyle and specifically exploring bisexuality. We listened to different lifestyle podcasts (including Room 77, our fave), researched forums, fantasized and talked endlessly about possible scenarios. The sex was incredible just talking about the possibility of another woman for both of us. One of my fantasies was for another woman to go down on him with me. My husband fantasied about having sex with me while another woman was going down on me.

Eventually, all the talking led to us visiting a lifestyle club on bi-ladies night. Though nothing came from that, we did end up booking our first trip to Desire! We had no expectations for the trip, but ended up having our first lifestyle experience while we were there! We were shocked at how comfortable we were afterwards, and how much closer together it brought us as a couple.

We are looking forward to what the future brings, another trip to Desire, and meeting more like-minded couples!

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