Ep. 18: Put That Rock In Your Vagina & Go Find My T-Shirt! – Swinger Podcast

  1. We stay out late on a school night with the @SwingerDiaries gang. Richard is gifted a rock with no instructions.
  2. Richard crushes on our non-listener, but only Lauren gets the love.
  3. Lauren has a meltdown in the workshop causing full brain-to-mouth filter failure.

Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests about getting wet, lingam stones, kegel eggs, and how young will you do?

Duration: (0:44:52)

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Thank You For My Lingam Stone?

Lingam stones or “lingams” are said to hold an indescribable power.  It is a stone of potentiality.  The lingam is a vessel to facilitate communication with the Divine.  Because of their embodiment of the Divine potential, this stone is helpful in assisting one with creating new paths or patterns in their life.  

Sources state that lingams resonate with the energies of all five elements:  fire, earth, water, air and ether. This greatly boosts its healing capacity, and it can clear blockages and activate the entire chakra system.  Lingams are said to boost vitality, and indeed, just being near one is enough to feel the incredible energy coming from these mysterious stones. 

Meditating or sitting with a shiva lingam is said to expand one’s mind, help the mind focus, improve concentration, and bring about a state of peace.  It clears blockages in the etheric body and the chakras, and its energy spreads love, wisdom and steadies the heart.