Ep. 22: How To Be Teased Until You Go Crazy at Desire Resorts

  1. It’s the first anniversary of our Tulum kidnapping, this time we’re trafficked to Isla Mujeres where Lauren goes illegally topless. There are talks of a major global deficit in the Desire pool and some ASMR (or is it AMSR?)
  2. Inundated with friends, we’ve been having fun catching up and seeing them…naked! Richard is finally faced with what he’s been waiting for. Bad news, he’s still waiting. While Lauren two steps outside with her ‘cowboy’ friends. 
  3. Spiritual Swingers nama-stay at our house. We get interviewed, take them to our local rooftop hangout, and Eve walks (rubs) a mile in our shoes on Lingam day! 

Interviews from Desire guests about getting teased, being a fan of opera or “Old Town Road,” and masturbating while holding a conversation.

Podcast: (Duration: 1:02:00 — 74.9MB)

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If You Haven't "Heard" of ASMR...

ASMR is an acronym for “auditory sensory meridian response” explained as tingling sensation that originates on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck or spine generated by auditory stimuli. People started making ASMR videos to help with insomnia by using “triggers” or different sounds recorded in stereo on a special microphone. 

Spending time on the left side, and then the right side, the audio experience creates that sensation that someone is playing with whatever right outside your ear. Supposedly, people experience a sense of well-being and it can help them sleep. But of course we know, people use it for a turn on! That specific genre is called ASMR Roleplay. You thought you’d heard it all; well, maybe now you have!

This particular video from ASMRMagic has almost 72 million views!  You’re welcome! –LnR