Ep. 21: Pack It In, Pack It Out While Camping at Desire Swinger Podcast

  1. Lauren gets laryngitis and leaves Richard to fend for himself in the Desire wild.
  2. Richard and Lauren have an embarrassing “first”.
  3. We go out on too many school nights like the apocalypse is coming. Richard discovers he needs more cardio and Lauren decides we need more sex moves!
  4. We discuss sex and religion, swinging with your parents, and living outside of the boundaries of society.

Rapid-fire interviews from Desire guests about being a “porn star” or a “falling star”, feelings of guilt from strangers, and how many is too many in any given week.

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3 thoughts on “Ep. 21: Pack It In, Pack It Out While Camping at Desire Swinger Podcast”

  1. Hey guys, I’ve never commented before but thought your last episode was so transparent and honest…and brave! We can’t be honest with many people in our everyday life and it truly feels like you can’t really be yourself around those that are important.

    Thanks for having such a hilarious, great podcast in a world of many dry podcasts that can lose ones attention.

    Have a good one!

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