Ep. 2: Another Day At The Swinger Office

Ep. 2: Another Day At The Swinger Office

  1. We discuss doing an extra workshop, Lauren dancing at the foam party, and bruises from a wild night in one of the penthouses.
  2. Watching a woman masturbate in public and how much Richard is turned on.
  3. Richard did not listen to his super-psychic-swinging powers telling him NOT to go back to a couple’s room to play because he knew it would not go well. Did it?
  4. Lauren talks about the night we spent with Playboy Playmate Veronica Flores (R’s crushing on as a second girlfriend to Playmaker Anna) and Richard’s lack of dinner etiquette.
  5. Our libido vs. our brain and how the two are not always matching up. Are we normal? What is normal?

Featuring interviews from Luis, room service waiter, who walked in on us naked with another couple; various couples sharing the  craziest things they’ve done sexually, views are on masturbating in public, gut feelings, and thoughts on libidos; and one couple talks about Richard’s disgusting table manners.

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