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Ep. 3: Happy Anniversary! I Heard You Were A Swinger – Swinger Podcast

  1. We celebrate an anniversary and a night out with imaginary girlfriends, Desire Playmaker Anna and Playboy Playmate Veronica Flores. We also hear about how couples sometimes live in a grey area of lifestyle labels and the possibility of ‘coming out’. What are the ramifications?
  2. We discuss playing with a couple which was three years cumming; getting nervous before playing, even after 15 years in the lifestyle; and revealing some dirty details about what happened in the room.
  3. We share some devastating news on R’s relationship with girlfriend Anna; talk about our six-year anniversary of the first trip to Desire, comparing it to how we think now; and discuss differences and perceptions between Desire Riviera Maya and Desire Pearl.

Featuring interviews about a non-lifestyle couple’s change in perspective of Desire during their first trip, and how a couple gets aroused while explaining their ‘pre-pillow talk’.

Duration: (40:26)

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