Ep. 11: First Timers, Old Timers, & Vanilla Resort Refugees – Swinger Podcast

  1. We do bad things to good people and how corrupting lifestyle virgins brought back memories of when we first began.
  2. The good and bad of hotel takeovers.
  3. We create our own Disco Inferno.
  4. We hear from Fred & Claire about their first experience in the lifestyle and their favorite part may surprise you!

Featured interviews with guests about first experiences. And we hear from guests how popular swinger podcasts are becoming!

A special thank you to everyone who stocked up our cabinet with Nicorette.

Contest Challenge:

Thanks to Bedhoppers and their vocabulary teachings, we are launching a contest. Be the first person who writes a review on iTunes using the word pedantic, and we will call you and interview you for the next podcast episode!

  1. Find us on iTunes,
  2. Write a review using the word “PEDANTIC“,
  3. Take a screen shot and email it to us,
  4. Get ready to be interviewed for our next podcast episode!

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