Exposing Our Privates To Strangers | An Origin Story

  1. We discuss secrets, and keeping them, inside of the lifestyle.
  2. We explore “cruising.” It’s not just for gay men anymore! 
  3. Discover our origin story and how we use our superpowers at Desire Resorts for good (sometimes bad, oops!) 

Featured interview with a couple about how they live out in the open and prefer to be sapiosexual.

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 12: Exposing Our Privates To Strangers | An Origin Story”

  1. We love your openness ! We use to hide behind our normal life pictures but realized that we should not be ashamed of who we are. Our adult children love us for how we are and how open we are. We laugh about some crazy stories we come home with 🙂 so thank you for letting us know you are just as real as all of us!

    1. Thank you guys for listening and for your support! And….”you’re welcome”! LOL. That’s truly awesome that you are able to be so open. Thanks for being #ourlistener!

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