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Ep. 13: Stay Away From My Husband’s C@ck! – Swinger Podcast

  1. Tinder turned Richard into a self-mutilating insane person.
  2. A special 48 Hours Dateline Edition: Dyer Desire “Lauren’s (Almost) Murder”.
  3. Even after 16 years in the lifestyle, we can’t avoid crazy.
  4. During a cold call interview with a sexy couple in Vegas, we learn about her same room/different room preferences. Oh… we also learn we had sex with their friends.

Featured interviews: A couple shares how they handle “crazy’. Rapid fire interviews of other “pedantic” guests quotes.

(Duration: 48:42 — 27.9MB)

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If you feel like playing along, while you listen to Episode 13. As far as finding out your carbon footprint, we were just throwing random numbers out there.

Go ahead, it’s fun to make up a score for no good reason. Questions, any questions are good. Listed below are some we used. Enjoy!


Are you married?

How long  have you been together?

Do you sleep naked?

Do you have  jacuzzi anywhere in your home?

How often to you go to bars or clubs?

  1. Never.
  2. Within the last 6 months.
  3. You have to wrap up this interview because you’re on the pole.

When is the last time you had sex outside of your own home?

  1. Within a week.
  2. Within 6 months.
  3. I am currently getting banged in the office and stationary section of Walmart.

How often find yourself naked in random places?

  1. Once a year?
  2. Over 6 times a year
  3. Almost every night.

When’s the last time you or your wife got a lap dance at a strip club?

How many apps on your phone require passwords to open?

How many photos can people see from your vacations?

  1. 25%.
  2. 50%.
  3. We tell people we dropped our phone in the pool.

Do you have a giant blow up unicorn floating in your pool?

Have you had to call a friend the day after looking for a piece of your clothing?

Do you own more costumes than a Halloween store?

Do you find yourself pointing out hot men/women to your significant other?