Ep. 36: How To Fantasize with A Desire Resorts Playmaker

  1. We’re back and our swinger game is lacking swagger despite all of the recent visitors. Richard blames it on his beard while Lauren’s getting sage for a genital cleansing ceremony.
  2. Richard squirms some more as we interview our very own naughty nurse expert on broken penises. Unfortunately, the post-op patient care is not as intimate as we imagined in our heads! 
  3. Bee, at 26, still has wet dreams and tells us about her sexual dream / fantasy with two guys. Spoiler alert: It involves a swing and being tied up.
  4. Lickerish Love is getting in bed with us to help turn Lauren’s “toy box” into something worth vibrating about.
Duration: (59:48)

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The Toy Box

Thanks to Lickerish Love for doing the dirty work, so we can just get dirty together! What are we waiting for? Something for her, something for him, and something for both of us! Although let’s be honest, the are all for both of us!

2 thoughts on “Ep. 36: How To Fantasize with A Desire Resorts Playmaker”

  1. Just listened to episode 36. You mentioned something about thinking that the reason you aren’t able to score might be, women not liking your beard. I’ve heard you say how much you like it, but I’m not a fan. I think it makes you look much older Richard. You are totally handsome but try going back to clean shaven and see what happens.
    Also, I can get wet at any given moment like Bee. My nipples also drive my orgasms so maybe there’s a correlation? My husband always says other women he has played with seem to need lube and I never do. I’m not in my 20’s…not in a long time. I’m very Insatiable and multi-orgasmic. Certain days I could lay in bed all day and masterbate. I’ve always been like this! Love the podcast, Love you Richard, love Lauren’s laugh, love Bee’s ass. Btw looks like mine did.

    All my love to the 3 of you, Edie

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