Ep. 35: How To Have Sex with an Unstable Vanilla

  1. We have a two-person “threesome” and Richard’s fear of being a bottom surfaces.
  2. Richard gets kidnapped and goes for a night swim; and takes a bite of vanilla against his better judgement, all while inventing a new Kama Sutra position. 
  3. “Do you have any change? We do!!” We were gifted nights in the mansion and met a woman who wanted to just ‘go with her flow.’ 
  4. “Going To Miami” with a plan of mutiny to overtake a 100 ft luxury yacht. 
Duration: (54:16)

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 35: How To Have Sex with an Unstable Vanilla”

  1. Our friend broke his Penis last year. It is a real thing. It was rather gruesome. They will be at desire with us in October.

  2. Another great episode! Thanks for sharing Your story you two. Richard – you are not alone – totally get fear of broken dick! When they want to do the aggressive bouncing, I like to put on a cock sheath ; ) Super hot and don’t have to worry about breaking what little I have in half LOL. Also, love your candor. Makes you both very endearing and real. Please don’t stop sharing your adventures. I’m sure speak for many, many, peeps when I say we’re interested and appreciate being taken along on your journey no matter where it takes you both.

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