Ep. 37: How To Divorce for the Lifestyle

  1. We break our dry spell with some sexy play with our favorite friends and we learn that Richard tried to blow himself.
  2. Our sex toys were lost in Mexico’s mail, forcing us to wait until now to dive into our new  Lickerish Love toys and video it for our supporters!
  3. We hunker down for a hurricane and almost drown while Bee sleeps. 
  4. We speak with a guy who tried to open up to the idea of the lifestyle. He unveils his recipe for success. 
  5. We talk about our Flirty (or) Down and Dirty Party.
  6. Patreon Rap battle.
Duration: (59:48)

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Patreon Bonus Material

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The Toy Box

Thanks to Lickerish Love for doing the dirty work, so we can just get dirty together! What are we waiting for? Something for her, something for him, and something for both of us! Although let’s be honest, the are all for both of us!

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