Ep. 38: How To Do A Group Nuru Massage

  1. Go on a journey to Flirty (or) Down and Dirty Party, our first villa party. We introduce the new ritual “Naked Group Nuru Massage (in an inflatable pool)” to the Mayan culture. 
  2. We describe surviving another hurricane in the best way we know how – Like great sex with a “Category 1” woman? 
  3. In the Medical Corner, we prescribe treatment to those who may be suffering from a common, but livable, disease. 
  4. Richard impresses a girl at the gym by blatantly ignoring her and falling asleep.
  5. We talk about living in the moment inside of the lifestyle, getting in touch with your attraction radar, and why our hotel will host a daily parade!

Rapid fire interviews with party guests about who’s their favorite party-goer, what’s the best thing in your mouth, Richard’s alternatives to “Stop, Drop and Roll” and the one word they would use to describe the party! Shout out to our dear friends New With Tags who talked about their views on attraction over dinner! 

Duration: (69:00)

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In This Episode...

If you don’t already know, Richard loves him some science (and space-time consortium)! In this episode, he talks about a science experiment where painting bird’s feathers asymmetrically was hypothesized to make them less attractive. The point of all this, give everyone a fair shake in the lifestyle. Sometimes someone’s feathers may be a little off, but they could be one hell of a nest builder!

Møller, A. (1993). Female Preference for Apparently Symmetrical Male Sexual Ornaments in the Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 32(6), 371-376. Retrieved November 16, 2020, from http://www.jstor.org/stable/4600832

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