Ep. 39: How To Eat Azz

  1. We get an update on Lindsey, the female Richard has been eying at the gym.  Instead of flirting, this time he helps the local economy.
  2. We talk about butt eating and then Richard forces Lauren to do it while recording so she can remember why she never does it.
  3. Lauren has been working very hard in the gym. We hear from “Trunks” and “Yes Girl” and all about their new project, Naughty Gym, where they fuse the lifestyle and fitness into one program, all while bringing the world together in perfect harmony. Richard gives his business advice and helps them out in real time with their marketing plan!!
    Get to know them and learn more about Naughty Gym, and how to sign up now for free, and start getting in shape with your community in 2021.
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We take live calls from Patreon supporters and ask them about eating butt, grooming, and who prefers hairy to being a ‘dolphin’.

Duration: (48:00)

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