bikini addiction

Bikini Addiction

We’re addicted.  We want you to be too.

Bikini Addiction was started by a fellow Room 77 Podcast listener who loves teeny bikinis (with the drawers full to prove it.)  The story of how the company began is just as cute as the bikini lover herself. A long time buyer of other bikinis, she was often still making tiny adjustments on her sewing machine for herself and her friends.  Three years ago, the idea was born over the kitchen table with friends, bikinis, needle and thread (and probably some wine too!)

It took time to develop just the right patterns and sizes. Thankfully, all the friends were eager to help. After doing all the research, Bikini Addiction came up with a size guide that you can trust and an algorithm which they use to make custom suits. The fabric is stretchy, so order the size that you would buy in clothes. No more of that ordering up or down a size and hoping they will fit!

The custom line features additional fabrics and custom-matched trim all cut to your body. Add in a measurement of the bikini strap that ties behind your neck, and they will make your bikini with a strap that you never have to tie. Genius. Support us by joining Patreon for 10% off custom suits. Nowhere else will you find a discount of 10% on these! (site and password given upon signup)

Support the fam and take 10% off with promo code ROOM77.  Fastest shipping in the biz! You know you will have your new bikini for your next trip to Temptation or Desire resorts.


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