Ep. 42: How To Do A Party in Dallas | How To Group-Use A Sybian

  1. We borrow coats and mittens and head to Dallas for the polar vortex to get naked at our first event stateside. 
  2. We use the ‘ol “stuck elevator” routine to get some Dallas firemen to our party. Lauren is unable to convince them to stay and play. They seemed busy saving people. 
  3. Richard uses his Spanish skills to help fix a hotel heater, but does not get voted employee of the month. 
  4. Lauren holds court to a crowd of onlookers on a Sybian and seduces all the participants with her “Sybian Sister” with kisses, heavy petting, and dirty talk.
  5. We interview a couple who’s new-ish in the lifestyle, get the skinny on how they got into it, having sex at work, and how it’s amplified their marriage and communication by quoting our podcast!
  6. Find out where Lauren and Richard are moving next. 
Duration: (50:53)

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