ROOM 77 episode 43

Ep. 43: How To Accidentally Join An Orgy | How To Not Break Your Penis

1. We celebrate Richard’s birthday bash at our 2nd Third Annual Flirty (or) Down & Dirty Villa Party. Richard jumps right inside someone who does NOT want to have a swinger baby with him.

2. Lauren goes for another round of ‘bouncy mattress sex’, determined to beat the motion sickness this time and ends up on a Sybian for the ride of her life. That’s what happens when you volunteer to start the orgy no one asked for.

3. Richard gets a lap dance from a guest and TWO dancers but Lauren pulls out the win by getting the dancer to not only stay after the show, but gets her naked and wet as well. Lauren knew how to touch her. Que Rico!!

4. We finally meet @AverageSwingers in person. This interview takes on more of a ‘petting zoo’ theme as Angie watches us all play with Jay’s Robocock.

Duration: (49:45)

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