richard and lauren episode 31

Episode 31: How To Sell Your Dirty Panties

  1. We recant our last hoorah at Desire before the apocalypse. 
  2. The quarantine has Lauren missing people, turning more germaphobic, and questioning selling panties.
  3. Richard takes the Tesla (Kia) in for service, realizing speaking bad Spanish with a mask can get you in trouble.
  4. We head to the recycle bin, because of social distancing, for random entertainment on geckos, bad jokes, and Richard’s water volleyball tactics.
Interviews with former Desire guests about hoarding, buying Lauren’s panties, and what would America look like if selling beer not allowed during the pandemic.
Duration: (29:40)

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Ep. 31 (Patreon): Two Tasers and A Baseball Bat

1. We talk about our decent hygiene, but slipping beauty routine during quarantine.
2. Richard is going through menopause and Lauren is going full germophob.
3. Richard goes into protection mode with bats and tasers in case zombies come during the swing-pocalypse.
4. Richard wants to masturbate in public again and Lauren flashes construction workers.
5. We spend more time on discussing abs, Richard’s abs, and he loves being objectified.
6. Lauren tries to understand golden showers by comparing the duration of an orgasm to that of peeing??
7. Richard want to open a bulk candy store, or sell cigars on the beach.
Special guest interview from Villa Karen on her villa parties, remembering the first time she walked into Desire, Richard’s birthday, and how a social butterfly deals with quarantine.
Rapid-fire interviews with some of our dearest friends on guns, tasers, peeing, and orgasms.

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Love laughing with us?  Get more content at Patreon.  Support us by clicking below.Become a Patron!