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Ep. 33: How To Do Anal at Desire Resorts

  1. Our first day back at Desire, we discuss the rules and the vibe, and we totally forget how to do our job.
  2. Richard performs anal in his first play, in three acts: Anal, Anal, Anal. 
  3. We give shoutouts to our new sponsor and almost a hundred people who sponsor us for no reason! 
  4. We discuss butt plugs with tails with Jeff & Karen and what could happen to cause Richard to walk into the ocean and never return.

We reveal this month’s addictions and a few more names.

Duration: (49:13)

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Ep. 33: Once Upon A Time In Desire-wood

  1. We get back to our Hollywood roots as we shoot a new video for Desire about how to check in to a hotel. 
  2. We chat with Jeff & Karen about their first visit to Desire, their first experience, and they learn us a new term “full soft”!
  3. After a small break in production, we resume shooting the feature film for Desire. After extensive character study, we are able to put our best foot forward.
  4. We’ve launched the new Art of Touch workshop online video. We had a lot of fun making it and Richard had not a lot of fun editing it. Come to Room 77 so we can rub you, virtually.

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