Ep. 46: How To Properly Use a Hall Pass To Get Extra Sex

  1. Having more fun with your ‘lifestyle sex life’ than your ‘personal sex life’? Listen to Richard and Lauren drone on about how we can help you not give a f*ck. 
  2. We sit down with a pair that successfully uses Hall Passes to add to their sexlife. Lauren pretends to be a nosey waitress in a role play exercise and overhears the answer to the question, “Does he like it when you come home with the scent of another man on you?” 
  3. Richard accuses him of cheating by using swinger websites for his hall pass, while she’s out flirting with vanilla business people for hers!
  4. They both teach us a few things on confidence and how not to bolt at the elevator door.
Duration: (56:30)

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Why We Are In Love with T-Pain

This Is Pop has only been out for a few hours, but the series has already been trending on social media due to one particular moment. In the episode, Auto-Tune, rapper and singer T-Pain calls out fellow artist Usher for “ruining music” due to his use of auto-tune in his songs – something which T-Pain says sparked “four years of depression”.

Thoughts from Our Listener?