Origin Stories

Nervous Newbies

by the Southern Yellow band-ers We’re still reeling She and I both “forumed” up, months of research. The Desire experience somehow did exceed expectations, especially in that we were SO Nervous Newbies. My goal was achieved when she first went nude on the beach, what I thought may or may not take days took about …

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The Internet made me do it.

While cuddling in bed after having great sex one Sunday morning, my husband asked, “What are you thinking about?”  Instead of answering with my usual, “Nothing,” I answered honestly, “I was wondering if you ever regret only having sex with me. We are awesome together, but you must fantasize about other women.”  That innocent question opened the fantasy floodgates as we began sharing our playful desires with each other.

Telling a friend or not

Opening up to friends – or not.

So my friend asked if we were swingers and I told him we were!

I love talking shit. No, we didn’t come out. I was saying it jokingly to him. I loosen up after I get to know people and he’s been my friend for a long time. Plus, we really haven’t done anything yet, so I don’t even know if we qualify!

We are trying something new and trying to have fun.

Exploring bi-sexuality

Exploring Bisexuality At Desire Pearl

My husband and I are mid thirties, married for 13 years, and high school sweethearts. After 20 years of a hot sex life (well maybe not the entire time) we are now in the lifestyle. A few years back we started entertaining the thought of a threesome and exploring bisexuality.