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A Whole New World

Let me guess – you’re curious about visiting Desire. Why should you care about my opinion? Because my wife, Karen, and I are new. Really new. Like, “completely, 100% new to any lifestyle activity of any sort” new. And our first dip into this pool was a three-day trip to Desire Riviera Maya.

Swing Life Style Community Swing Life Style Community claims to have the largest online swinger community and they may be right.  In addition, they provide vast amounts of information and resources for all things about the swinger life style.  The site is easy to navigate and a great resource for active swingers.

Kasadie Feature

Kasidie – swingers social network and dating site is one of the world’s biggest lifestyle social networking and swinger’s dating sites. Design your profile so you can attract and meet like-minded, uninhibited and sexually adventurous couples, singles and groups that can’t wait to meet and play.  After creating your own profile with pictures and stories, you’ll gain access to thousands of other …

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