Ep. 36 Bonus: How To Talk To Lifestyle TV Stars

with Bedhoppers Join us in our very own Entertainment Tonight where we chat with Bedhoppers about their rise to TV stardom.  Bedhoppers might start their own Instagram for dogs of swingers “Dog n Tail”. Mrs. H now has her own gif created from their TV show debut! [mepr-s3-video src=”room77content/videos/Bedhoppers-promo.m4v”] For the full Video Join us …

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Episode 27: How To MMF at Desire Resorts

We check into Desire Riviera Maya as guests and spend two days making sure to get everything in. Richard sustains an injury and goes back for more. We venture out of the house for trouble. Who knew vanilla resorts could be so, not vanilla?

Ep. 12: Exposing Our Privates To Strangers | An Origin Story

We discuss secrets, and keeping them, inside of the lifestyle.
We explore “cruising.” It’s not just for gay men anymore! 
Discover our origin story and how we use our superpowers at Desire Resorts for good (sometimes bad, oops!) 

Featured interview with a couple about how they live out in the open and prefer to be sapiosexual.