Ep. 12: Exposing Our Privates To Strangers | An Origin Story

We discuss secrets, and keeping them, inside of the lifestyle.
We explore “cruising.” It’s not just for gay men anymore! 
Discover our origin story and how we use our superpowers at Desire Resorts for good (sometimes bad, oops!) 

Featured interview with a couple about how they live out in the open and prefer to be sapiosexual.

Ep. 11: First Timers, Old Timers, & Vanilla Resort Refugees – Swinger Podcast

We do bad things to good people and how corrupting lifestyle virgins brought back memories of when we first began.
The good and bad of hotel takeovers.
We create our own Disco Inferno.
We hear from Fred & Claire about their first experience in the lifestyle and their favorite part may surprise you!

Featured interviews with guests about first experiences. And we hear from guests how popular swinger podcasts are becoming!

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Ep. 10: Screwing Your Friends & Anal Candy for Ian – Swinger Podcast

We discuss problems in having a foursome when the line between pleasure and pain gets blurry.
We talk to Ian, a vanilla “muggle,” who looks forward to getting into the lifestyle solely for more sex than he’s having now.
We talk about our growing number of friends in the lifestyle and how they are outnumbering our vanilla friends. What is it about the bond between lifestyle friends?

Featured interviews with both our vanilla and lifestyle friends. Couples answer whether they would choose a “Lifestyle or Vanilla Friend” in our rapid-fire interviews.

Ep. 8: Is Mexico Safe with Man-Hating Men & Angry Dolphins? – Swinger Podcast

We talk about safety in Mexico, deflate the media’s fear tactics, and address questions we hear repeatedly at the resort.
Richard lets it all out after experiencing and witnessing enough man-hating men try to talk to women.
We talk to #ourlistener about their first trip to Desire and watching the relationship evolve before their eyes!
Lauren shares her thoughts on single men in the jacuzzi!

Featured interviews:  A story of a foursome FAIL which spawned the phrase “Angry Dolphin” and the definition of it. 

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Ep. 7: Spa Shenanigans, Short Shirts, Smitten & Shot-down – Swinger Podcast

Richard shares what boggles his mind when it comes to poolside fashion.
Richard almost gets into a naked spa fight over a hot girl who wants to take a shower with him.
We question fetish vs. attraction after a hook-up.
Lauren crushes on a day pass visitor, Richard sets them up for some alone time.

Featured interview:  A couple on the “fringe” discusses why they stay in the soft-swap category and what makes it so special.

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Ep. 6: The Most Popular Flavor At Desire May Be Vanilla – Swinger Podcast

We share what we’ve learned from non-lifestyle couples, but disagree that they may still fall somewhere within the lifestyle spectrum. We discuss Part II – Tulum and reveal the ending to our Kidnapped In Mexico story. We launch “Project Airtight.”  L shares her prep strategy, what role R will play, and her plans to audition …

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room 77 podcast episode 5

Ep. 5: Threesomes For Some, Foursomes For Others – Swinger Podcast

We spend time with some podcasters and their followers at Desire Pearl and play another round of the Let’s Not Get Divorced game with Brian and Lisa Jones. We answer an email from #ourlistener and offer our expert advice, giving birth to our new segment “You’re Welcome.” We discuss threesomes and foursomes, meet a cute couple that is …

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Ep. 3: Happy Anniversary! I Heard You Were A Swinger – Swinger Podcast

We celebrate an anniversary and a night out with imaginary girlfriends, Desire Playmaker Anna and Playboy Playmate Veronica Flores. We also hear about how couples sometimes live in a grey area of lifestyle labels and the possibility of ‘coming out’. What are the ramifications? We discuss playing with a couple which was three years cumming; …

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Ep. 1: Welcome To The Jungle – Swinger Podcast

Learn a little about us; our sensual, sexual workshops at Desire Resorts in Cancun; and what we hope to accomplish through this podcast, knowing almost nothing about podcasting. Getting turned on in the workshops, hard-ons during class, cock rings, and what we enjoy about doing the workshops. Discussing chronic penis pulling; her views, in general, on penises …

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